Why chipmunks display their food on the stubs?

These pretty, hardworking animals are often called ground-squirrels. Chipmunks are truly close relatives of ordinary squirrels, but instead of living on top of the trees, they reside in the halts, dig in the ground. If you happen to watch a chipmunk, your eyes will get tired of watching how fast he moves from one place to another, climbing in one second a tree, and immediately running down, moving to the next tree and searching for something in the grass.

chipmunk eating

It is quite difficult to watch a chipmunk cause its bright color almost totally blends with surrounding nature. The skin of the animal is yellowish and you can see five black stripes stretching on the sides of its body. Chipmunks give themselves away with constant moving, and a very noisy squeak, which they start while running away.

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In a sunny, hot day you can observe a chipmunk being busy with household. They spread out on the stubs and fallen trees all of their food supplies: dry mushrooms, roots and nuts. Within a while chipmunks start to collect their goods. They tightly stock the food  inside their cheek pouches and run away somewhere. Then they come back but with empty cheeks and repeat the same routine couple of times until all the food supplies disappear. How do you think, why do chipmunks do that?


It turns out that these animals save a lot of food for winter season, which should be enough for a year or even two. Every summer they make new, fresh supplies – collect and dry out mushrooms, cedar nuts, and roots of different plants, but they also don’t forget to take care of the old supplies. From time to time a chipmunk takes out his old food  in hot and sunny weather in order to spread it around and dry out, to prevent meals from getting rotten. Closer to the evening time, chipmunk again collects all the food back to his halt and puts everything into the pantry. This way the animals air and dry out all of the old supplies to handle winter season without any problems, or even two in case of the bad harvest or other odds. Moreover a chipmunk takes care of the food not just for himself  – he makes sure that his future generation also doesn’t stay hungry, which usually comes in the end of autumn. So a chipmunk has a bunch of things to do, that’s why he is so busy during summer time, working without rest.

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