Which bird can see in front and the back of itself at the same time?


A woodcock, a bird which has been attracting scientists’ attention for long time already. First of all a woodcock is a genius of hiding. Its feathering is a perfect camouflage. The waves of reddish, ochreish feathers with black and white sprinkles cover the back and the wings of this bird. Such a diversity of colors blurs the bird, fuses its lines against the background of forest’s carpet of leaves and grass. Even if you know the exact place of woodcocks it is not always easy to find him right away. The breast is hidden behind a grayish singlet, while the area under the wings is of okra-orange color.

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American Woodcock

American Woodcock

That’s why a suddenly flying up woodcock looks like a fire flower in the skies. The eyes are set in a mysterious way, a bird can notice everything around it. And it doesn’t even need to move the head, it can preserve the steadiness. The trick is that incredibly beautiful eyes of a woodcock are similar to a periscope. They stand out on the long-nosed head like two black olives. Due to the fact that the eyes are located unusually far in the back of the head, this forest bird can control the area both in front and back of it. Not many representatives of the live world were gifted by nature with such skills and abilities.

Baby American Woodcock

Baby American Woodcock

Starting the talk about various extraordinary features of this bird, you can’t forget about its unique nib. As well as the eyes, the nib serves as a wonderful and a perfect tool. Usually woodcocks feed in the evening. They wander along the soft forest carpet and pick up the maggots. The favorites ones are the ground worms. A woodcock keeps digging the ground with its nib again and again in the perfect area, sensing the appropriate place until it takes a worm out. A nib is a real live pair of pincers, but very sensitive one. There is a small hole on its upper part, thanks to which a bird can open its probe inside the ground, squeezing the bag. Woodcocks inhabit not only Europe but can be also met in the USA. The biggest number of woodcocks can be spotted in the north of US and Canada.

American Woodcock Dance.

Woodcock dance Walk Like an Egiptian.

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