Haircuts for Poodles

Haircuts for Poodles

Are you interested in the best types of haircuts for poodles and the great supplies for doing so? Whether you are the owner of a poodle or two, or you are a professional groomer, there is surely information within this article that will help you create a great looking, healthy hairstyle for your dog of choice. We will recommend some stylish haircuts that are traditional or contemporary, the benefits of grooming your dog, high quality tools and supplies for getting the job done, and even instructions on how to do it yourself. For those who are interested in seeking professional help, we can guide you in the right direction to finding a groomer who gives haircuts for poodles.

  • The Most Popular Haircuts for Poodles

As the years go by, hairstyles for these dogs change as well. You can often find some of the most popular looks by watching or visiting dog shows. These people go by the recommendations of professionals to style their poodles hair according to trends or traditional looks that are favored by judges. You can find the best information by looking to them, but maybe you dont have the time to do that. Fortunately we spent the time to research this and found some of the greatest looks to professionally trim the hair.

Poodle hair can be styled in a variety of ways, including ones that are more popular in shows. The Puppy Clip is a good example of this. The base of the tail is shaved closely, along with the feet and face. The dogs form is complimented greatly by the shape of the body, which is left long as a special feature. The topknot can be pulled into a ponytail while the pack is shaped into the top knot and neck. Being an approved show cut by the AKC, it is recommended for puppies under 1 year (or UKC show poodles of any age).

Top Haircuts for Poodles
If you want the Puppy Clip for a pet animal look rather than for show, then the rest of the body is scissored to fit the natural shape of the dog, rather than leaving a top knot that is long enough to fluff into a ponytail. This dog hair will be shorter than the show hairstyle. It is truly a matter of preference. People like this look because it gives a younger look to the dog, and it is also relatively easy to maintain. This is especially true for people who are new to grooming or styling.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the New Yorker Clip, which is a highly groomed cut that has the body hair left fluffy and scissored into shape. The length of the body hair can be chosen according to your preference, but chances are you want to have it cut short for this look to be presented in the best way possible. The face, neck area, feet, and base of the tail are usually shaved closely to the body. A wide belly band is left to emphasize this area of the dogs body.

There are many other types of haircuts for poodles, including the Kennel or Retriever Clip, the Pitsburg Dutch Clip, and the Pajama Dutch Clip. These are vary in the length of the hair and how closely shaved the hair is to dogs body. Each have their own unique challenges if you are attempting a cut on your own.
Interested in more types? The Sporting Clip is another popular look for dogs, especially those who are in obedience and agility events. This is approved by both the AKC and UKC for their events. The body is left fluffy and scissored into shape, as with many of the other types of hairstyles. The feet, face, and base of the tail are shaved closely. Hair depends upon preference if you want it to be long or short. Either way can look great with the Sporting Clip.


  • How to Do it Yourself

Many people ask how to trim a poodles hair, and the way to professionally trim without making the dog look like someone didnt know what they were doing with the scissors. First you want to be sure you have the proper grooming equipment for cutting your dogs hair. Then you want to give your dog a bath, and start by using shampoo around the neck to get rid of any possible fleas or ticks. When you are done washing the poodle, you can then take a towel to air-dry and then blow dry for fast results. After you brush its hair, you can begin to cut it. The Puppy Cut mentioned above is the most easy to do, especially if the dog is jittery.

There are ways to find step-by-step instructions for poodle haircuts if you search around online. Some websites have diagrams or easy to understand directions for the way to professionally trim your dogs hair. It doesnt have to be as hard as it sounds! Just be sure you have the right equipment, including high-quality scissors and clippers. You also want to use shampoo that is known for untangling the special kind of hair they have and keeping it strong, healthy, and shiny.


  • Would You Rather Hire a Groomer?

While there are methods available for do-it-yourself projects in grooming, It may seem pretty difficult to cut the hair and shave it closely in the manner that is done as professionally as you see in dog shows. If you dont think you are up to the task, you may want to find a professional groomer for your poodle. They have the training and experience it takes to create attractive haircuts for poodles.

You can find professional groomers for your poodle by searching online or looking in your local directory. Also consider contacting pet stores nearby or supply shops who have contacts. They can get you in touch with a reputable groomer for your dog. Whichever way to choose to go, whether it be doing it yourself or hiring a professional, we wish you luck in getting the best haircut for your poodle!

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