Golden Retriever – Training, Health, Characteristics & Breed History

Golden Retriever Breed History

Retriever Barking

Retriever Barking

Golden Retrievers are relatively new dogs, yet their history is very interesting especially to people who have chosen this breed as their companion or show dog. Lord Tweedmouth started to carry out breedings in 1864 and continued to perfect the breed later on in time. He strived to produce a good-looking dog that would be similar to the much-appreciated companion, a Tweed Water Spaniel. This breed is now extinct. Lord Tweedmouth bred his dog with the Irish Setter, the Black Coated retriever, and probably some other dogs.

The dogs bred by Lord Tweedmouth appeared to have good working qualities and made perfect pets. They possessed great stamina and were capable of spending long hours hunting with their owners. Besides, the new breed was playful and did well with other pets and children.

In 1908, the breed became known to the general public. A breed fancier, Lord Harcourt, gathered some dogs in his estate in Oxford and started to exhibit them at the Kennel Club Show. The new breed attracted much attention and was entered in a class for Any Variety Retriever. These dogs were referred to as Yellow Flatcoated retrievers until Lord Hartcourt started to name the dogs “Golden Retrievers.”

In 1913, the Kennel Club accepted the Golden Retriever and the breed started to gain popularity. These dogs started to be featured in movies and advertisements, which contributed to their popularity, yet coincidently made many irresponsible breeders produce these dogs for profit. Fortunately, breed fanciers care for the welfare of Golden Retrievers and dynamically educate prospective buyers on how to choose these puppies.

Raising Golden Retriever Puppies

Raising Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever pups are one of the cutest dog puppies there are. They’re very sweet and love to be with people. But the fact is, they’re not just there for you to look at.

You have the responsibility of raising them and making sure that they’re healthy and fine. Raising golden retriever puppies is a difficult task, I tell you. If you don’t have the room or the money to do so, it would be best for you to give away these puppies.

A baby golden retriever must be taken care of.

Golden retriever adoption is common around the world. If you have a pregnant golden retriever and would not want to take care of all the puppies, adoption is probably a good choice.

You can assess whether the people you’re going the give the puppies to can provide them with a good home and all their needs. If not, you can opt to give your puppies to an animal shelter.

These cute golden retriever puppies deserve a home that can make them happy and not abuse them. Adoption is common for those who do not seek profit in raising golden retriever puppies. But there are also those who can make money out of it.

If you have the time and money to spare on your puppies, then you can have puppies for sale that are of higher quality than those who are only for adoption.

You can have them already vaccinated and groomed as some buyers don’t have the time or are just too lazy to handle those things. It would be much easier for them to buy golden retriever puppies that have been already vaccinated.

These people are willing to pay. You can create a profit for yourself if you’ve taken care of your puppies well.

If you want to be a professional dog breeder, then raising golden retriever puppies will get easier with time. You can also ask for advice from those who have done it for years. They might have valuable information or techniques that might help you become a breeder too.

Raising golden retriever puppies can become a side job or hobby if you devote your time to it.
Raising golden retriever puppies are also the job of some government workers. These people train them to become rescue dogs, medical response dogs, therapy dogs, and even police dogs. They breed their own golden retrievers and train them for the chosen task ahead.

Golden retrievers are one of the top choices for community service dogs because of their intelligence and ability to socialize with people.

Raising golden retriever puppies has a different purpose for different people, may it be for selling as some professional dog breeders do, or even community service. Golden retrievers are up there when it comes to the people’s dog of choice.

Their natural characteristics are what set them apart from other dog breeds. Dog enthusiasts should really consider raising golden retriever puppies. These dogs are very versatile and can help in a lot of different areas. They can also help you in your dog training skills if ever you try at becoming a golden retriever breeder.

Golden Retriever Barking

We know that golden retrievers are very good socially. And we also know that golden retrievers are big dogs. These two factors can sometimes produce irritating golden retriever barking.

First, let me say that golden retriever barking isn’t all bad. There are many reasons why your pet barks. It may be that he wants to get your attention or that he is trying to tell you something.

A golden retriever in need will always try to get your attention by either barking or tapping on you with parts of his body. This attention-seeking mechanism is common among dogs but is more obvious in golden retrievers.

This is because of their social nature. This can also be caused by separation anxiety. Golden retrievers need to be given attention, so it’s important that you are regularly around them. If you think you can’t, then it would be best to crate train your dog.

What is crate training? Crate training is a training method that has the potential to fix your golden retriever barking problem by removing separation anxiety. This type of training will make your dog feel more independent.

This type of golden retriever training will teach your dog what he should do whenever you’re not around.
Crate training will let your dog understand that his crate is a safe and comfortable place for him to be in. This in turn will make him get used to you not being around. Separation anxiety will then be removed as a factor of your dog’s barking problem.

You won’t have to hear that irritating golden retriever barking sound anytime soon if you did this training right.

Another reason why your dog may bark is that he has nothing to do and is just bored. This is common among dogs and will get worse if your dog likes the sound of his own barking. To fix this, you need to stimulate your dog so that he doesn’t get bored easily.

You can also do more than that. You can subject him to golden retriever obedience training. What this type of training does to fix your dog’s barking problem is that it will train your golden retriever when and when not to speak. This is basically training your dog to follow commands that give him permission to bark or not.
This is very helpful especially when your dog loves to bark. This can also discipline your dog, not only in his barking problem but also in other aspects as well.

But also note that golden retriever barking isn’t all negative. Sometimes, your dog may bark to signal that danger is coming. This is especially true if burglars try to break into your house. This can make you aware of what is happening and may be the very thing that can save you and your family’s life.
Remember that golden retriever barking is a form of communication, so your job is to try and understand what your dog is saying and communicate back. Constant attention to your dog will let you get used to what he is trying to say. Dogs do speak, so try to hear them out.

Golden Retriever Training

Golden Retriever Training

Golden retriever training can demand a lot out of you. You have to plan out before starting everything. You have to know your dog and his habits so that you’ll be better prepared.

You may also have to spend money on training materials and other such objects. And there is also that demand of a good place where you can train your golden retriever at peace.

Why is there a need for a good place where you can have dog training? For one, dogs are very peculiar about their surroundings and they tend to be aware what’s happening around them.

A good place for training will most likely eliminate any distractions that can affect the progress of golden retriever training.

This is true especially if your golden retriever is still a puppy. Puppies are like babies that are always curious. They will almost try to observe and interact with anything they don’t know about.

This can be a problem when training them as what you want, is to get their attention at all times. A good place to do training will minimize the distractions that can get the attention of your puppy rather than you. This is the hindrance that you might face in puppy training.

So what makes a good place for golden retriever training? The place should be rid of all distractions as possible. Distractions will slow down the pace of your training.

Training golden retriever puppies, as I’ve mentioned, can be difficult if these distractions keep your dog from learning the things you’re trying to teach him in training.

The place should also be big enough to accommodate you, your dog, and the activities you have planned to teach him. A place like the yard or in the park is a good place to train your dog as golden retrievers can sometimes get big, so take that into consideration.

This will also prevent unnecessary damage on objects, like the couch inside your house or some fragile vases, that a dog can run into.

In dog obedience training, you also need a place that is cool and comfortable for the dog. This will reduce any irritation he might have if the place is not to his liking. Golden retriever training should be done in a cool and dry place.

If it’s too hot, your dog will most likely whine or complain about it. Make sure that when you train in the yard or in the park, that the weather is nice and that it’s not too hot for your dog.

Keeping in mind these things will make your golden retriever training a breeze, or so to speak. Having the right place to train in is always a good thing. It makes everything easier and minimizes distractions of any kind.

A good thing with training in the yard or park is that your golden retriever can interact with other people and dogs as well.

Golden retriever and Beagle training should be done in the right place. You and your dog will know the difference.

Retriever Dog Training

What is retriever dog training? Well, in layman’s terms, retriever dog training is a process which involves teaching your golden retriever dog to be well-behaved and learn commands to perform.

Golden retrievers and rat terriers are one of the smartest dogs around. Retriever dog training takes full advantage of that intelligence. This type of training makes sure that your dog is stimulated and that he is taught well.
Retriever dog training also makes sure that your dog can learn self-awareness so that when you’re not around, he knows what to do and what not to do. This activity has become popular over the years for new dog owners as more and more people are becoming dog experts.

These dog experts render their services as professional dog trainers. So where can you apply or get for retriever dog training?

  • Dog Training Schools

Dog training schools are available almost anywhere nowadays. These institutions employ a lot of expert dog trainers and render professional service to those who need them. Dog training schools also have the advantage of having a venue that is best suited for retriever dog training.

Some dog training schools even offer the owners whether to accompany their dog or not.

The dog training courses these schools give out can range from basic training to more advanced ones. Basic training involves dog obedience training and basic commands. On the other hand, advanced training is about advanced commands and values integration.

  • Media Dog Training

This type of retriever dog training is more of a self-help style. These can be gotten from the internet or home-based media devices. One example is a dog training DVD. This contains recorded videos of professional dog trainers doing training with their dogs.

This can help you out a lot because it adds a visual aspect of the whole training process.

It’s important that you get to see how training is done rather than just reading about it. Internet-based training can also be helpful as there are a wide array of choices. You can also go on the internet to look for dog training advice in forums and other social networks about dogs.

Retriever dog training should be looked up by new dog owners so that they will know their options with regards to training their dog.

It is also a good idea for experienced dog owners to keep in touch with their training academies so that they can always update themselves on new training methods and tidbits. You won’t ever regret putting your golden retriever through training as he’ll become a great dog.

If you’re thinking about enrolling your dog in those dog training schools, make sure to check out the place before you do. Learn what training methods they use and decide whether it’s advantageous to you and your dog.

You don’t want your dog to come back home and treat you as a stranger. It would even be better if you accompany your dog in classes if you have the time.

There are a lot of choices to look at, but one thing is for certain, retriever dog training is indispensible.

Golden Retriever Allergies

Golden Retriever Playing

Golden Retriever Playing

Your pet golden retriever is as vulnerable to illnesses and ailments as any other dog, so it’s your job to keep him well at all times. One of most common ailments he will have is golden retriever allergies.

This may be caused by a lot of factors including parasites, especially fleas, your dog’s allergic reaction to some food, and other factors. These dog allergies are common in other breeds as well.

One of the most common golden retriever allergies is flea allergies. This is due to the irritation caused by the fleas on the dog’s skin when their saliva comes into contact with it.

The symptoms of flea allergies include excessive itching and scratching by your golden retriever. The areas commonly affected by flea allergies are in the lower torso and legs of the dog.

If your dog’s flea allergies are really serious, your golden retriever will start to lose hair and will become irritant and restless. You can combat this by eliminating the fleas in the area where your dog is constantly residing.

There are many treatment methods for this. You can go to your local pet store for expert advice. Due to modern technology, medicines that can fight fleas are also available to consumers.

Your golden retriever can also experience dog food allergies. These are mainly caused by the different types of food your dog may consume, such as beef and poultry.

The only real way to see whether he has this type of allergy is to change his diet and observe if the symptoms of food allergies are dying down. The dog skin allergy treatment for food allergies is to give your dog a balanced and healthy diet.

Atopy is another one of those golden retriever allergies. This type of allergy is caused by the inhalation or absorption of foreign substances and chemicals by your dog. The areas that are more commonly affected by atopy are much more spread out compared to flea allergies.

Consulting your local veterinarian for the proper medication is adviced. Mostly, antibiotics and other such medicine are used for curing atopy.

There are also other golden retriever allergies like contact allergies. Although these are the least type of allergies your dog will have, they are none the less susceptible to it.

They appear after other forms of allergies, such as flea allergies, since their hair falls and are more vulnerable after. The areas that are commonly affected are the areas without hair, like the paws.
The best way to really counteract golden retriever allergies is to keep your dog clean and safe from foreign substances. Good golden retriever grooming involves consistent checkups to see whether you dogs have any symptoms of allergies.

You need to always keep him clean so that fleas won’t survive off him. The proper diet will also make sure that your dog gets the right amount of nutrients.

Golden retriever allergies should always be prevented so that your dog will be much happier. It can also become a nuisance if you have a dog full of fleas and one that has lots of bald patches and wounds.

Golden Retriever Book

I’m an avid reader on books about dogs, especially golden retrievers. I’ve read a couple of books all about golden retrievers and so far, there has been one that I think could be of use to a lot of people.
This book can be used by anyone who is interested in golden retrievers; those who are thinking about getting one, those that just got one, and those than already have one. What book am I talking about? I’m talking about “Golden Retrievers for Dummies”.

If you want information on golden retrievers, then this is the book for you. It has all the things you need to know about the breed. This golden retriever book is very popular among dog owners because of the versatility of the problems that it can tackle.

It’s easy to read and very clear on the things that it discusses.

Golden Retrievers for Dummies” also has a very quick indexing system so that readers can immediately go to the page they want to when they have specific questions about their golden retriever dogs.

This is very useful to those very busy people that may not have the time to sit down and read the whole book.

This golden retriever book tackles the issue of taking care of your pet really well. It discusses various areas on grooming techniques you should be using on your dog. It also takes a look at the types of diet you can choose your dog to have.

It weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each in a really easy to read manner. These things can prevent any health issues that may come out later on when your dog is old. The book also discusses topics on golden retriever health issues. It gives the reader information on what are the symptoms of such illnesses and what may be done to fix the problem.

This is very useful as it can save your dog’s life. Another topic that the book deals with is golden retriever training.

This is one of the bigger reasons why buyers opt for this golden retriever book over others, as it gives a clear step by step process on how to train your dog in specific areas such as crate training, obedience training, and potty training.

Training golden retrievers isn’t hard as they are very intelligent. The book is tailor-made to teach you training this dog breed in a way that is very easy. Intangibles such as emotions and the relationship between you and your dog are also discussed in the golden retriever book. This can help a lot of new dog owners who do not know how to handle certain situations emotionally.

One of these situations is growing old with your dog and the growing pains that come with it. As some dog owners really grow attached to their golden retrievers, they treat their pets as real members of the family.

Whatever information you’re looking for, this golden retriever book has it. “Golden Retrievers for Dummies” shouldn’t be overlooked when you are thinking about buying a book about golden retrievers.

Training a Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever pups are one of the cutest things you could ever hold in your hand. But that appearance won’t last forever. Your puppy will eventually mature into a big dog and you have the responsibility to ensure that this dog won’t be a menace to the household and to the society. Training a golden retriever puppy has a lot of purposes.

One of the most important reasons is for you to have the comfort of knowing that your dog won’t be attacking anyone. Training your puppy to become a good dog will take patience and consistency on your part as the trainer. You will have to instill a routine so that your dog may understand what the rules you have set for him are.

This is important as golden retrievers are very smart and may easily misunderstand messages you are communicating to them. So be sure to be clear about what you are trying to tell your dog.

Untrained dogs may cause trouble like aggression and unwanted dog bites. This will become a problem for you if your dog develops this kind of attitude. This bad habit will be extremely difficult to repair later on if you didn’t train your dog well.

Training a golden retriever puppy is very important so that he won’t become a danger to the people around him. We don’t want to see what’s supposed to be a fun loving dog, turn into a dangerous wild mutt now do we?

Some even go far beyond training a golden retriever puppy just for their homes to be safe, some train golden retriever rescue dogs that aid in the service to the community for different purposes.

These dogs tend to be used for their excellent sense of smell and their heritage as hound dogs. Training a golden retriever puppy for a specific purpose is a good alternative to expensive gadgets in medical application. Dogs can even go to some terrain that humans don’t have to the ability to survive in.

These make golden retrievers indispensible. Some examples of golden retriever rescue dogs are medical response dogs, search and rescue dogs, and police dogs. Medical response dogs are those that react to emergency situations. They have been specifically trained to react when something happens to the people around them, like in cases of seizures and heart attacks.

Search and rescue dogs typically operate as tracking dogs, finding those who are lost or trapped. And police dogs are used to sniff out illegal substance and drugs. You see, there are many reasons in training a golden retriever puppy. The use for these animals range far and wide and they all benefit the community in one way or another.

It is our responsibility as dog owners to train them in accord with our responsibility as good citizens.
You should go out and seek more golden retriever training tips from leading experts. Training a golden retriever puppy to become a good dog isn’t all about keeping them from biting in the end, it’s all about making all our lives a little bit better.

How to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy

Most people nowadays have the ideal dog in their mind as a golden retriever. It’s smart, good around people, and loves to play a lot. The trick is, the process of getting that ideal dog isn’t automatic or any easy.

Golden retriever puppies are among the most energetic dogs around. They seem to run on batteries and it could be hard to train them. Now the question is, “How to train a golden retriever puppy without getting frustrated?”

Simple: patience and consistency.

  • Patience

Training a golden retriever puppy requires a lot of patience. You can’t expect puppies to learn certain commands and house rules overnight. Remember that they are still babies and very vulnerable.

Training your puppy means that you have to know how to handle certain situations that may arise from training activities, like potty training accidents and non-compliance by your dog to certain commands.

Patience is a virtue that will teach you how to train a golden retriever puppy well. When your dog does something bad for instance, don’t burst out in anger and hit your dog.

Be gentle and keep training until he will learn the rules of the house and the commands you want to teach him. This is especially true in how to train a golden retriever puppy to go potty.

In crate training puppies, patience is also an important aspect. During training, your dog might get anxious or feel contained in his crate and may cry out a lot or bark. Don’t let this get to you.

Stick to the plan that you’ve drawn up. Initially, putting your dog in his crate for a short period of time is good. But eventually, you have to leave him there for longer periods. Don’t give in to him when he cries out.

Let him know and understand that this is his place of comfort and that nothing can harm him whenever he’s in it. This is important in how to train a golden puppy retriever to accept his crate, which can make life easier on everyone.

  • Consistency

Consistency means that you have to be able to keep training at a set pace through a span of time. Remember that there is a communication barrier between you and your dog. Don’t ever think that he’ll understand what you’re saying to him.

So with teaching him commands, always be consistent with your tone of voice and body language. You should also be consistent in praising and scolding him.

Your dog doesn’t like to be confused and being inconsistent with your training will do just that. Crate training golden retriever dogs should take days, if not, weeks. So during this time, be consistent with the training method you are using on your dog and I’m sure he’ll learn at a faster rate.

Both of these qualities are needed in how to train a golden retriever puppy well enough so that he can be a great dog when he matures. These qualities aren’t only useful in training your puppy but I’m sure that they will make you a better person.

Golden Retriever Health

Golden Retriever

Health is one of the most important attributes of a living being. Be it humans or dogs. Your golden retriever can get sick like all the rest of us, so it’s important that we always consider the health of our canine pals.

Some golden retriever health problems may arise later on if we are not careful in taking care of our dogs. Some of these health issues among golden retrievers are genetic in nature so we can never tell if they will be prone to some diseases.

The first thing that should always be done by dog breeders or dog owners is the proper preventive measure to stop any chance of golden retriever illnesses from popping out later on. This is done by choosing healthy golden retrievers to mate so that their offspring may have a chance to become as healthy as them. Although golden retrievers are generally a healthy breed, we cannot ignore the fact that they are prone to diseases.

A common disability for your golden retriever is hip/elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Both of these illnesses affect the bones in a way that your dog will feel pain every time he goes about doing his business.

To prevent these, you must have your golden retriever checked by the vet and subject him to medication if necessary. These golden retriever illnesses can be very painful for the dog, so you should take care of the problem.

Another illness that most golden retrievers face is cancer. Cancer causes a lot of problems in different species and it is the same with your dog. Golden retrievers are prone to cancer of the blood. So, the proper way to deal with this is to have a good golden retriever diet to prevent this in the first place. Like humans, without the proper diet, dogs may suffer later on from the effects of unhealthy food and lack of exercise.

Skin diseases are also a golden retriever health issue that needs to be taken care of. This might be caused by parasites and bad food being eaten by your dog. What you need is to have proper golden retriever grooming so that you’re sure that he is always neat and clean.

You also have to prevent him from eating foreign food that might be bad for his health. It is your job as the owner to scout these things out. There is really no clear way to see if your golden retriever may be in danger of these health issues. The best you can do is to get a diagnostic test and see if your dog’s bodily functions are normal.

This is the best preventive step that you can take in order to keep your dog safe from golden retriever health problems. There are other golden retriever illnesses that I haven’t mentioned that are sometimes rare but shouldn’t be taken lightly. Always be preventive rather than curative. Read all the golden retriever facts that you can so that you are always prepared for any health issues that may pop up later on.

Golden retriever health should be one of the main concerns of this breed’s dog owners. Keep your dog safe, clean, and healthy and your dog will live a long and happy life.

Golden Retriever Training Tips in Praising and Scolding

There are two sides to every coin and also two sides to every reaction. When your dog does something, may it be good or bad, you are bound to have a reaction to it, I suppose. I would. I love dogs, but we as owners must know the proper time to give praise or scold the little fur ball. We must also know what kind of praise or scolding we should give him as that too will matter in the long run.
Here are some golden retriever training tips in praising and scolding.

  • Praising

Praising is all about timing. Praise at the right time at the right moment and your puppy will consider that act he did a good thing to do and he’ll try to do the same thing over and over again.

If you praised him at the wrong time with something that isn’t necessarily good, then boy are you in some trouble. When your dog does it again and he receives a scolding instead, it’ll confuse him and this is a bad thing in dog training.

Another one of my golden retriever training tips is that praising is all about action too. Praising requires that you do it with the right amount of enthusiasm or else your dog will not feel that he is appreciated at all.

Dogs are very social animals and will always look to please their masters, especially golden retrievers.
Lastly, with praise, an added bonus for the dog is for you to add an extra. That extra is a treat. Dogs love treats, and they take this as a token of appreciation to them by their masters. This will also make training faster for the dog as they will be more eager than before to please you.

  • Scolding

On the other side of the coin is scolding your golden retriever whenever he does something that isn’t to your liking. This is especially true with a house training golden retriever and a crate training golden retriever.

These dogs are in a state of constant pressure and attention from you, so maybe their little wrongdoings may be enough to tick you off. The best golden retriever breeders never get angry at their dogs. They are the ones from which these golden retriever training tips were gotten from. They know that anger will only frighten the dog and will make the training process much harder.

Anger won’t make your dog sit or lie down whenever you want them to, and will probably just make them more stubborn. The right thing to do is to call on your dog to get his attention with a sharp, deep voice to surprise him or to startle him. This will stop him from doing whatever it is that you don’t like and will probably send him a message that he can’t do it.

Anger will only stop him from doing it momentarily but won’t have any real lasting effects. Dogs are gentle creatures, and when praising or scolding them, proper consideration must be made in order to reach out to them. I hope these golden retriever training tips in praising and scolding will help you out with the right kind of gesture you want to communicate to your pets.

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