Dog Shedding Treatment: 6 Effective Steps

Dog Shedding Treatment

Dog shedding is a natural process every pet owner faces once in a while. All dogs shed hair from time to time. There is no way to eliminate this process completely and it IS normal. There are two natural reasons for dog shedding. The first lies in the necessity for old dead hair to be replaced with new one. You cannot and should not stop this process as it is beneficial for your pet. The other reason is caused by the seasonal changes in temperature. It follows from this that dog shedding usually takes place in two seasons – spring and fall.

Of course, there are some exceptions, as usual. If you are an owner of the American Hairless Terrier, you are lucky to be deprived of dog shedding. The other variant is less optimistic. If your pet spends most of the time indoors, you may deal with much frequent dog shedding. The matter is that home dogs have a bit unbalanced body regulation. Every time such dogs go in and out, they shed a small amount of hair. Thereby, dog shedding becomes a year-round process. But it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to live in heaps of ever-present hair of your dog. There STILL exist some measures to reduce dog shedding. The main and best measure is prevention. It may require some time and diligence on your part. But the result is worth it. There are several ways to minimize dog shedding.

  • Start with regular hair brushing.

Every dog breed needs to be brushed more or less often. This determines the frequency of brushing. There are dog breeds which are known as “light shedders”. The Bichon Yorkie, the Irish Terrier, the Rat Terriers, the Maltese are among them. Nevertheless, these dogs need to be brushed once a week. Dogs with wire hair need to be specially trimmed once in two months. Long-haired dogs are thought to shed more hair than other breeds. This can be rather delusive. Excessive dog shedding is explained by the length of the hair rather than its amount. Such dogs require special and regular care. A good bristle or slicker brush will be rather effective. A dematting rake will help you get rid of tangles and mats. If your dog is not a great admirer of his brushing sessions, a hound glove or any rubber brush or deshedding grooming gloves will come to the aid. It gives the body a gentle massage. Your pet will surely enjoy the feeling of being caressed. Dog shedding is a real challenge for those having double-coated dogs like Golden Retriever. Pet with thick undercoat and coarse top-coat, like the Newfoundland, shed huge amounts of hair during the shedding seasons. Only a regular and thorough brushing with an undercoat rake or slicker brush will help.

Dog shedding is quite an annoying process. In this period dog hair is floating all over your house. Use a pet hair removal brush or a sticky lint roller to remove excess hair from clothes, furniture and other surfaces.

  • A regular bathing is another effective way to reduce dog shedding.

A good dog shedding shampoo or other dog shed control products can greatly help. Make sure to use shampoos formulated for dogs only. Avoid too hot or cold water. This will cause only more hair loss. Do not bathe your pet too often. It will remove vital oils and overdry the skin. After bathing you may proceed with dog shedding brushes.

  • Sometimes normal dog shedding can turn into excessive.

The following things should alarm you and prompt to apply to a vet immediately. Skin irritation, bald spots, open sores, dry and thin hair can be the symptoms of an underlying health issue.

Abnormal dog shedding may be caused by the following:

  1. Yeast or fungal infections;
  2. Liver, kidney, adrenal or thyroid disease;
  3. Ringworm, mange or cancer;
  4. Upset immune system;
  5. Flea or mite bites;
  6. Sunburn;
  7. Whelping period;
  8. Irritating and toxic substances;

Make sure to take your dog to a vet for regular check-ups. In case of excessive dog shedding have your pet examined by the vet for determining the underlying cause.

Dog shedding is a natural process

  • Provide your dog with high quality diet.

The dog’s food should be rich in fats, protein and fibers. Dog’s hair is an indicator of nutritional health. Lack of nutrients causes health disorder and abnormal dog shedding as a result. You may add different food supplements to your dog’s diet. Salmon fish capsules with Omega 3- or 6- fatty acids will provide shiny coat and healthy skin.Try a brand new formula – Hair Loss & Shedding Complete Kit. It contains ShedPlex nutrients and enzymes as well as ShedPlex shampoo and spray conditioner. Enzymes and proteins nourish and rebuild damaged cells, follicles and sebum glands. A special shampoo removes dead hair and tangles, stops skin irritation and moisturizes the skin. All this contributes to the less degree of dog shedding.

  • External parasites also cause much discomfort.

Flea and tick bites irritate the dog’s skin. It results in constant scratching and excessive dog shedding. Make sure to use flea & tick control products to remove and prevent such problems. A special shampoo with pyrethrin will help you.

  • Take care of dog’s stress.

Dog’s, just like humans, can get stressed now and then. The reasons are different. But the result is common – abnormal dog shedding. Treat this condition with as much affection and tender as you have for your pet. Sometimes a special therapy or medication is required.

Dog shedding is a process of dog hair loss which usually takes place twice a year. The seasonal changes in temperature cause dogs to shed dead hair. This lets new and healthy one come in. Dog shedding mostly depends on the breed and health condition. So, understanding dog behavior at this time will help you not only reduce the amount of excess hair. Abnormal dog behavior during dog shedding will indicate any possible health problems in your pet. There is a lot of dog breed info on the Internet. Learn more about dog shedding for your particular breed. This will help you find the perfect dog treatment for dog shedding periods. Provide your pet with a good dog care. Do not let dog shedding interfere with the enjoyable time you spend with your pooch!

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