Dog Nail Trimming, Polish and Nail Problems

Dog Nail Problems: Types Treatment

Dog Nail Problems

Dog nail problems can and should be prevented by regular nail trimming. This is an essential part of your grooming routine necessary for maintaining good overall health of your smaller friend. Even one neglected nail can result in serious dog nail problems for your pooch. Long nails cause much discomfort to the owner. Curled nails complicate a dog’s walk. An overgrown dog’s nail can easily get suck in different surfaces. A snagged nail, when pulled too hard, can be torn out entirely. Untrimmed nails can grow into the footpad. This is especially true of dew claws. Dog nail problems make pet suffer from great pain. But these unpleasant incidents can be avoided by a regular nail trim. Brittle or cracked nails can also indicate some underlying skin disease or immune disorder. Thus, by proper nail trimming procedure you are able not only to prevent potential dog nail problems. Regular check-ups of your pet’s nail & paw conditions will help you reveal other health issues, if any.

There are some most general dog nail problems your pet may face.

  • Brittle nails

Brittle, dry or cracked nails are among widespread dog nail problems. Some veterinarians recommend supplementing dog’s food with biotin. Adding zinc gluconate may be effective for dogs with zinc deficiency. The latter can also cause various dog nail problems.

Sometimes brittle nails can be due to lupoid onchodystrophy. This skin disease mostly affects rottweilers, greyhounds, german shepherds and giant schnauzers. To diagnose this disease a sample from around the nail bed area is submitted for biopsy. Once the diagnosis is made, a long-term treatment starts. It may take half a year for the positive results to emerge. Vitamin E, fatty acid supplement (fish oil capsules) and other medications are required. Your vet will prescribe the correct dosage. Dog nail problems can be very painful to a pet. Make sure the set diagnosis is precise and start treatment as soon as possible.

  • Footpad injuries

Dog nail problems are very often connected with footpad injuries. This can be either a traumatic cut or some immune mediated problems. In any case have your dog examined by a vet. Different types of footpad injuries can be treated with anti-bacterial ointment or moisturizing lotion. This will prevent infection and keep the pad moist. For more comfort the foot may be bandaged, but it’s not that necessary. To avoid possible dog nail problems you can try using special boots for working dogs.

  • Split or torn toenail

A torn nail is one of the most painful dog nail problems. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is remove the loose edge of the nail. Otherwise it will rub on the quick causing much pain. Very often you can easily yank the edge with your fingers. If it’s still too firmly attached to the nail bed, use a good nail trimmer. Clip the dog’s nail at the level of the break. Rinse the foot with water to remove dirt or other debris. Though you can do it at home, it’s a good idea to use veterinary services. This will prevent infections and reduce the risk of further dog nail problems. Besides, your vet will be able to apply a temporary bandage to stop the bleeding. Some dogs can be quite aggressive because of the pain. They may need to be muzzled.

  • Cutting into the quick

One of the most common dog nail problems. First of all, let’s define what the “quick” is. This is a cluster of blood vessels and nerve endings that tend to nourish dog’s nails. The quick is clearly visible in light-colored nails. Nevertheless, the practice of accidental cutting into the quick is well-known among both professional groomers and pet owners. Though referring to most painful dog nail problems, it is not life-threatening at all. If you cut your dog’s nail too short and it’s bleeding, use a styptic pen or styptic powder. This effective remedy should always be at hand in your grooming kit. If there isn’t any, just pack some cornstarch or flour in the cut. Once the bleeding is stopped, apply some anti-bacterial ointment to avoid future dog nail problems.

  • Itchy feet

One of the most common dog nail problems. It’s usually an allergic reaction to different things. It may be caused by food, inhalant, contact allergy or atopy. If you see your dog licking his/her feet all the time, there are surely some allergens present. Biting at feet can also be related to dog nail problems of this kind.

In order to determine the true cause of itchiness take your dog to a veterinarian. In the case of contact allergy it might be a good idea to wash your pet’s feet after walks. This will remove possible allergens from his skin.

If a food allergy should be tested, put your dog on a special diet. Pick food rich in carbohydrates. This can be rice, potato or other vegetables. You can also choose products unfamiliar to your pet – venison, duck or food with manufactured proteins. Feed your dog such diet for about 6 to 8 weeks. This will allow you to ascertain whether food is the cause of the allergy and dog nail problems as a result.

Inhalant allergy can be tested in two ways – blood test (serology) and intradermal skin testing. The latter is more accurate and consists in injecting a tiny portion of the suspected allergen into the skin.

Dog nail problems caused by allergies can be treated in several ways. Your vet can design a special allergy shot program. Though, it proves to have any positive effects from 6 months since starting. So, have patience. Some pharmacologists recommend oral corticosteroids instead of using injections. Use of antihistamines, clemastine in particular, may be quite helpful. To relieve allergic itchiness it’s also effective to use a good proved flea & tick control product.

Dog nail problems can be quite stressful both for a dog and his owner. The reasons for dog nail problems differ from use injuries to underlying immune disorder. Understanding dog nail problems will let you prevent them. Always check your pet’s nail & paw condition to reveal any abnormalities. To prevent potential dog nail problems, trim your dog’s nails on a regular basis. Your vet can show you how to trim nails correctly to avoid possible dog nail problems. You can also find a helpful nail clipping article on the internet. It’s in your hands to provide good dog health for your pooch. Do not let dog nail problems cause trouble for both of you!

Nail Polish for Dogs

Dog Nail Polish Tips

Are you ready to paint your dogs nails with some high-quality dog nail polish that is bound to catch peoples attention? This guide is going to help you find the best brands, as well as show you how to go about painting your pets nails. We know it can be a delicate process, but were here to help!

You will also get information on some of the types of polish, the most popular brands, and the best rated products so you can give your pet a pedicure soon. We also included information on additional pet supplies for nail grooming that you may want to consider getting along with the polish in order to ensure a healthy, attractive set of nails.

Popular Types and Brands of Polish

There are many new products and brands that are releasing fun nail polish colors and decorations for your dog. First, you should decide whether you want a tradition polish that comes with a small brush (much like the kind women use on their own nails) or a pen that you use to paint. Dog nail polish pens can be easy to use, as the pen-style applicator is easy to hold and doesnt require dipping back in the bottle for further applications.

There are more brands that specialize in making the traditional type of polish that comes in a bottle with a small brush. Some of the most popular brands you may recognize here and elsewhere online are ColorPaw, ColorPaw Glitz, Top Performance, OPI Dog, Warren London Pawdicure, Ryans Pet Supplies, and Pet Edge. Their products range from dark colors to neon, opaque to glow-in-the-dark, and more. You can be sure that there is a style of polish available no matter what you and your dog prefer!

How to Paint Your Dogs Nails

How to Paint Your Dogs Nails

Practicing on yourself and a friend is one of the best ways you can learn how to paint your dogs nails with polish easily and effectively. You want to be gentle and relaxed when you do this, because your pet may feel any anxiety you may have. Choose a time when your dog seems happy and relaxed – not when they are eating or stressed out. Its important to make sure they are in the right mood for this.
Make sure you trim the extra hair around your dogs nails, and then file them evenly if necessary. Some pets have nails that are very rigid and unruly, which makes them more difficult to paint. After all, the shorter amount of time you can spend painting, the better for your pet! So use a filer if necessary. After their nails are prepped and ready for paint, hold one paw at a time and paint each nail. You usually only need to paint one coat.

High quality dog nail polish will dry quickly, so you dont have to worry about your pet running off and getting the polish all over the furniture. It should only take a few minutes to finish this whole process, especially if you help your dog along the way. Petting them and talking to them in a soothing voice will help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during the nail painting.

Best Rated Products

Some of the best rated products for dogs can be found online through Amazon and other retailers who specialize in pet supplies. The Top Performance brand seems to receive positive reviews online from satisfied dog owners, who like using their Color Paw Dog Nail Polish.

People like how fast-drying these polishes are, especially because it only takes one coat of this fabulous product to cover the entire nail and keep it looking bright. Their products are also chip-resistant and water resistant, meaning you get more for the money. Other nail polishes end up costing you more in the long run due to having to constantly reapply after your dog gets a bath, jumps in a puddle, or scratches something with its nails.

The Top Performance nail polishes come in a variety of colors that will make your dog stand out in a crowd. Colors like gold metallic, jade, baby pink, and sky blue will surprise your friends and family, adding a special touch to your pets appearance. You can find these and more on Amazon, sold by Gulf Coast Pet Supplies. As a popular retailer on Amazon, this company may sell other brands of polish that you may enjoy using.

Other Nail Products

Dog nail polish isnt the only thing you are going to want to use on your pet in order to keep them looking fresh, well-groomed, and ready to hit the pavement. Keeping your dogs nail looking healthy and clean is an important thing to consider if you want them to be in good health. There are many types of illnesses and conditions that can arise from having dirty paws or nails.

You should consider buying a high-quality nail trimmer if you want the nails to be at an appropriate length. Leaving a dogs nails too long can be uncomfortable for them, and it can also result in the buildup of dirt and debris that leads to infection. If you cut them too short, on the other hand, you risk exposing delicate skin that should be protected by the nail. This can also lead to an infectious disease. So be sure they are cut to a good length.

A nail file is another product that would help to keep your dogs nails looking great. This can be used in a back and forth motion to keep them perfectly smooth and shaped in the way that looks best for their paw. Painting their nails without filing it first may look messy or tacky. A filer is good to use in between grooming sessions, too, or every time you wash off the polish with remover. There is usually a different type for each nail texture a dog could have. A small dog can get away with a smoother file, while larger ones with thick and heavy nails could benefit with a coarser file surface.

Dont forget the nail polish wipes. There are all types of products available like OPI Paw Pad Wipes which can get rid of the dog nail polish after it needs changed. Sometimes it may chip or look worn, so you will want to replace it with a new color. Thats where the wipes come in. Usually soft and gentle, these are a quick and convenient way to remove polish in a safe way. Some wipes have the removal chemical added to them, and some pads are made without chemicals. You have to add your own remover in this case.

Dog Nail Trimming: 5 Important QA Before Starting

Dog nail trimming plays an essential part in dog grooming. Just like humans, dogs and cats should also be taken care of. Thorough hair brushing as well as teeth and ear cleaning shouldn’t be overlooked. Dog nail trimming is not an exception to this. It can be as important and has to be done on a regular base. If you feel this ticklish routine is not your strong point, you can always take your pet to a professional groomer. He surely knows how to handle this tricky procedure. But if you are ready and willing to display a bit of courage and trust on your dog, you are welcome to perform dog nail trimming yourself. Once determined you may want to gather some information on this topic. Read the following tips on dog nail trimming before starting.

  • 1. When should I start dog nail trimming?

It’s not a secret that all that learning and teaching stuff is better at a young age. The same is with your pet. Start a dog nail trimming procedure when he is a puppy. If you have got an already grown-up dog, you might need a little more patience and time. But in both cases you will have to show all your love and tenderness you feel for your dear little friend. Don’t be too pushy and aggressive. At first he should get accustomed to your grooming kit. Come up to the dog and place your pet supplies next to him. Let him sniff everything you’ve got. Give your pet a couple of gentle strokes and touch his paws. And do not forget about his favorite treats! Then holding his leg apply a little pressure to each footpad. If your dog doesn’t mind your actions and feels comfortable you are on the right way. The next step will be taking a nail trimmer and trying to clip one nail. If you’ve done it with success praise your pet and reward both of you with some tasty treats! This might be enough for today. Repeat this dog nail trimming procedure the next day doing several nails at a time. Sometimes it may even take a couple of weeks to finish. But be patient and optimistic!

  • 2. How do I know it’s time for dog nail trimming?

Just like human nails, dog nails constantly grow as well. Thus it makes dog nail trimming a necessary and regular procedure. When you hear a clicking sound your dog’s feet produce on a hard surface, it’s a sure sign for you to know his nails need to be clipped. Time for dog nail trimming has come, again! If you try to escape this important procedure it may cause a considerable damage in the long run. When dog’s nails are kept long, they get often curled. Beside discomfort they can break or get stuck into a floorboard bringing much pain. Moreover, a too long dog nail can grow into a footpad. It is specially true of dewclaws which grow on the inside of dogs legs. This may cause more serious consequences. So, as seen above there are enough reasons why dog nail trimming must be done.

  • 3. Where should I perform dog nail trimming best?

You may pick any place which is comfortable for your dog nail trimming. You can have large dogs lie on the floor. If it is a medium-sized pet you’ve got, place him on a table. You may want to lay a nonskid rug for him not to slip and hurt himself. For small dogs it’s possible to simply put them on your knees. If you know your dog is going to balk during dog nail trimming procedure, you may also want some additional help from your friend or other person. If you plan to do nail grooming in your house it’s also possible to place your pet on a stair landing. In this case it will be comfortable for you to sit one step below your dog.

  • 4. Which grooming tools should I use?

It is known that properly chosen stepping stones can already half solve a problem. This is true of your choice of dog nail trimming supplies. There is a high variety of corded or cordless pet nail grooming clippers. The choice mostly depends on your dog’s size. Make sure not to use human nail scissors on your pet. For large- and medium-sized dogs it is a good idea to use guillotine type trimmers. If you have a small dog choose a scissor type clipper. After the work is done you can polish your dog’s nails with a file or dremel tool. This will help avoid jagged edges. You may also consider a nail grinder. It is an electric power mini-sander which will do all the job for you. If you wish to use a cordless nail trimmer, a pedipaws pet nail trimmer will perfectly do.

  • 5. How do I do dog nail trimming?

Having read all the information above you will be already prepared to start dog nail trimming. Have your dog lie beside you. Take all the necessary tools out of your nail grooming kit. Take your dog’s paw and squeeze it gently so that the nails fully come out. Snip a small piece off the end of your dog’s nail. Make sure not to cut into the quick. It is a pinkish area which contains nerves and blood vessels to supply the nail. The quick is usually visible in light nails. But you should be especially cautious when handling dark -colored nails. Cutting it may cause pain and bleeding. Yet if you cut off too much of the nail and bleeding has started do not panic. It’s best to use a styptic pen to stop it. You can get it at a pet store or at a veterinarian’s office. This helpful medium will always be in your pet nail grooming kit. So, when you cut a dog’s nail it’s better to clip several small bits than to cut too much and cause trouble.

Dog nail trimming should become an essential part in your grooming routine. It helps keep your pet in a good health condition and shape. Ignoring regular dog nail trimming can cause an opposite effect and harm your pet. Hopefully, you’ve found the above information on dog nail trimming useful and practical. Follow these tips to make the process less difficult and time-consuming. Do your best to make dog nail trimming something worth waiting for!

Best Dog Nail Clipper: An Easy Buying Guide

Dog Nail Clipper

A good dog nail clipper can greatly help you in a pet nail grooming process. A process which should be done to any dog breed on a regular basis. If you wish to maintain good health of your precious pet you are obliged to provide him with a solid dog nail care. It is difficult for dogs with long nails to put their full weight on the feet while walking. This deforms their gait. If your dog’s nails are too long they might easily get stuck in any surface. Especially if you have a wooden floor with planks. Pulling off the whole nail will be very painful and dangerous for your pet. What is even worse, neglecting a nail grooming may result in ingrown nails. This is particularly true of dog’s dew claws. If not clipped in time they may curve and grow into the dog’s paw. Only regular and proper nail trimming will prevent your pet from such painful consequences.

Like in any other business it’s necessary to pick the right tools. A quality dog nail clipper will always be safe for your dog and effective for you in the process of nail grooming. There is a huge variety of pet supplies on the market today, so you may find it a bit difficult to choose the right product for you. Make sure to purchase the best dog nail clipper which will last you a lifetime.

First let’s determine all the necessary features of your future dog nail clipper. It should be:

  • Easy to use. Now it is possible to find corded or cordless pet nail clippers. They are both as effective and easy in use. Both of them guarantee a safe and proper nail trimming for your dog. But you may find a cordless pet nail grooming a little easier as you are able to trim your dog’s nails anywhere. This is especially useful for dogs that are wiggling all the time.
  • Durable and safe. Make sure to choose a dog nail clipper with stainless steel blades. You will be able to clean them easily with water. Such nail trimmer will provide you with long years of service.
  • Comfortable. When choosing a dog nail clipper try out its handle. It should be comfortable for you to hold the clipper.
  • Reasonable in price. If you have a choice between a cheap and costly dog nail clipper it’s better you pick the latter. You will hardly find a pet nail trimmer that will cost a fortune. Meanwhile buying a cheaper brand can bring harm to your pet. Do not base your decision on price. Invest in a quality dog nail clipper and it will serve you a long time.


The right choice for a dog nail clipper or nail trimmer mostly depends on the size and breed of your dog. The nails of larger dogs are usually thicker and bigger than those of small pets. The activity of your dog also plays an important role in nail grooming. Not all the dogs require frequent nail trimming. If your pet spends much time outside walking on hard surfaces his nails are likely to wear out naturally. But it is different with “home” dogs which need their nails to be clipped with the right dog nail clipper on a regular base.

According to all these factors there are 3 main types of dog nail clippers which enjoy wide popularity.

  1. The guillotine style which most pet owners and dog breeders find most useful and easy in use. This dog nail clipper is widely used on big dogs. The stainless steel blades remain sharp for a long time. So it takes much longer before they should be replaced. The dog’s nail is put into a small loop between the blades. All you need is to squeeze the handles and the nail is clipped. It is simple and safe.
  2. The scissor type. These are mostly used on small dogs. Two sharp and curved edges of the tool clip the dog’s nail. Such dog nail clipper is easily operated and works just like “human” scissors. But make sure to use only those nail trimmers designed specially for dogs. Otherwise, you may split the pet’s nail and cause problems.
  3. The nail grinder. This tool is rather modern. It will provide safe and painless nail trimming to your pet. This dog nail clipper has a rotary filing wheel which grinds down the dog’s nail without clipping too much of it. You may find a pedipaws pet nail trimmer especially useful and efficient. It will gently remove a thin upper layer of your dog’s nails and make them smooth and polished.

You may also consider another new device of a leading manufacturer in dog industry called the QuickFinder clipper. It has a special Quicksensor technology which senses the nail quick (a group of nerve endings and blood vessels inside a dog’s nail). When the quick is detected the red light illuminates. To know when it’s safe to clip you can move this dog nail clipper toward the nail tip and the light will change from red to yellow and then to green. Just like a traffic light!

Here are some more tips for you to choose the right dog nail clipper.

  • Shop around. You will find a great selection of nail trimmers at local pet stores. Make sure to buy only that dog nail clipper which is of high quality and corresponds to all your needs. A good staff will always help you make the right decision.
  • Consult your veterinarian. He can always tell you what dog nail clipper will be perfect for your dog. Moreover, quite often your vet can show you some basic models of nail trimmers as they are available at his office.
  • If a dog nail clipper produces a loud noise it probably won’t be the best choice for you. Your dog might get easily scared of it. This will spoil the entire grooming process and leave an unpleasant impression on your pet.
  • You can use an electric dog nail clipper after the dog’s nails have already been clipped. It may save you some time to grind them down.
  • It is advisable to always have a styptic pen in your pet nail grooming kit. It helps stop bleeding if you accidentally cut into the nail quick. Now you can even find a dog nail clipper equipped with styptic.

So, if you hesitate which dog nail clipper to choose and how to do it properly it’s no longer a problem. There is a wide range of different supplies for nail grooming. This will allow you to pick a real good dog nail clipper which meets all the requirements. Consider all the information above. Follow these easy steps to get all the benefits from it. And the result won’t keep you waiting. You will get the best dog nail clipper to perform the best nail trimming!

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