Dog Groomers Ins And Outs

Dog Groomers Ins And Outs

Many people drop their dog off at any dog groomers service and never really give it a second thought. In most cases their dogs are returned looking sharp and smelling great. However there have been many instances where this has not been the case. Death and inјury at the dog grooming salon is a more common occurrence then it should be. Unfortunately their simply arent many laws in place when it comes to protecting our furry loved ones from harm.

There have been many cases of dogs that have been left in cage dryers and forgotten until it was too late. There have been cases of ears, tongues, and tails being flat out cut off by a negligent groomers. Dogs have been burned by clippers or gotten ear infections due to water entering the ear canal when being bathed. The most unfortunate thing is that most all of these cases could have been easily prevented.

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What most people do not know is that in many states there are no regulations are laws to governed pet groomers. There is no license required, no inspections made and no guidelines that must be followed. This means that anyone with a pair of clippers can call themselves a dog or pet groomer and it is absolutely legal. They may have no training what so ever. Even the so called Certified Groomer is not necessarily properly trained to handle your pet.

Dog Groomers Ins And Outs

There are many grooming schools that offer this so called certification and to be completely honest most of it means absolutely nothing. There are even online courses that offer certification. There is no way that you can learn all there is to know about properly handling pets and grooming online. There are certifications that are more legit then others and some do deserve respect. Groomers that have been certified Master Groomers by the National Dog Grooming Association have proven their skills time and time again in order to obtain this title. However there are many schools that are certifying people as Master Groomers that have no real testing nor do they have the right to use this title. The NDGAA had the term Master Groomer Copy Righted many years ago and the only real Master Groomers are certified through NDGAA.

Although your average pet owner does not know this. The best way for a groomer to learn is to serve a extensive apprenticeship under a qualified groomer. This apprenticeship should last at least 2 years. Although there are many schools turning groomers out in two weeks or sometimes even less. There are many great groomers who are confident in their skills and are more then qualified to groom pets. Although, these fly by night schools that are turning out the so called Certified Groomers are severely diminish the earned accomplishments of real dog groomers. Pet owners everywhere should be outraged.

Dog Groomers

Pet owners should thoroughly question their groomers about how and where they learned to groom before leaving their loved ones in his or her care. Dont be afraid to ask it really could be a life or death matter for your dog. Concerned pet owners should also begin writing their congressman and state governments about regulating the pet grooming industry for the benefit of everyone. If your groomer is not Certified dont worry they may be an excellent groomer who has learned the right way. Over years of apprenticeship which you can not teach in a two week course. If your groomer is Certified I would run unless it is from the NDGAA or other upstanding grooming association. Most of all dont be afraid to ask how long they have been grooming and how long it took them to get this Certification.

While many dog owners prefer to save themselves money and groom their dogs themselves, getting a professional to do it can save you a lot of time, effort, and stress. If the idea of grooming your dog yourself sends a shiver down your spine, then spending the money on a professional groomer can be a worthwhile investment.

So assuming youve decided you want to hire a professional, how should you go about finding one who is good at what they do, and who comes highly recommended? One method is to flick through the local phone book, but this can be a bit hit and miss. The following tips will help you find a capable, reputable groomer who provides an excellent service at a fair price.

  • Ask Other Dog Owners

If you know other dog owners, ask them if theyve ever had their dog groomed, where they got it done, and whether theyd recommend them. Even if they dont know anyone themselves, youre bound to find someone who knows someone who had their dog groomed. These personal recommendations are the best way to find a groomer, because theyre completely unbiased, and hopefully come from people you trust and respect.

  • Ask Your Vet

Vets deal with hundreds of dogs a year, and as a result they are probably in an excellent position to offer advise on pretty much any aspect of doggie life. Some vets even have an in-house groomer, meaning you can get the service done by someone you know and trust. Since vets are great sources of referrals for groomers, you can sometimes take advantage of introductory offers to get money off.

  • Walk Around The Neighborhood

Next time youre out walking your dog, take a detour via some of your local shops, and see if theres a dog grooming salon. You may be surprised to find that theres one waiting right under you nose, and you havent even noticed it before! If you do find one, drop in and say hello to get an idea of what theyre like, and to find out some price guidelines.

Finding a reliable professional dog groomer, who can make haircuts for poodles, is a simple task once you start looking in the right places. Over time you should be able to build up a good relationship with your dogs groomer, making the process as pain-free and enјoyable as possible.

And if you like to see dog groomers in action and maybe try this field of expertise for yourself then here are some tips for you.

If you love dogs, are patient, and have ever had any interest in being a beautician, becoming a dog groomer might be a good career. You can not just hang out a shingle one day and declare youre a dog groomer, though. Heres how to get started, and how to tell if you really are cut out to wield a dog brush full time.


You Need to Have a Long-Term Love for Dogs and People

Grooming can be difficult. You are not going to see the best side of all the dogs you will be working on. To be happy in your new career, you will need to love dogs enough that you can get through an eight hour day, five days a week, being covered in pet hair, getting growled at, and (this is the hard part for some groomers) putting some of the dogs you see through an frightening experience. But if you have a good history with dogs, and if you have had success working with problem dogs, even if it was not as a professional dog trainer, then you could be suited to this work.

Most dog groomers will tell you the people give them more trouble than the dogs. You will have to have good people skills to be successful. You are in a service business and that means you will be dealing with everyone who walks in the door. If you just want to be a dog groomer, and not a business owner, your people skills will not be required as much, but you will still be dealing with the public. That said, if you ever had a service job, even as a teenager, youve probably gotten a taste of what it takes, and youll probably be fine.

By the way you should also like cats. Some cats are sent in to be cleaned up almost as often as dogs are, and depending on the cat they can be much more difficult to groom.

Get Training

Dog Groomers Ins And Outs
You will have to be trained before you can start getting paid as a dog groomer. There are over a dozen online schools, but if you live in the city I highly suggest you try to find a brick and mortar school.

Computers are great, but there is nothing like a real classroom experience, and that is especially true when you are learning a hands-on skill. Frankly, I have about as much faith in an dog groomer thats been trained online as I do in a human hair cutter thats been trained online. It might be a perfectly good school but I would prefer to have my hair cut by someone who learned in a real class, thank you.

Going to classes will also introduce you to other dog groomers, and you will learn as much from each other as you do from the teacher. It also gives you a great opportunity to network for jobs after you get your certification. Most certification courses take six to twelve months and cost anywhere from $600 to $2000. The more established schools may offer some scholarships or payment options.

One way to tell a good school from a mediocre one is what kind of placement opportunities they have after you have completed their course. Before you put down your money, you really should talk to at least five different professional dog groomers and see what they think of the school you are about to attend. All careers have their own communities, and you are going to be јoining the dog grooming community. Find out which schools are considered good and which are not before you are on the јob interview and you find out most groomers јust laugh at the school you are considering.

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