Bulldog Dog Breed Characteristics, History, Training & Facts

History of Bulldogs

Bulldog sleeping

Bulldog sleeping

The bulldog is the breed that pet lovers are looking for. This dog looks amazing with its cute, cuddly and sagging face wrinkles. Before you turned into total amazement about this bread you should know at least a short preview of the history of bulldogs. Well, let’s start so that you can get to know your pet’s origin and family tree. Bulldog – this term was used since 1568 to call the ancestors of the modern bulldogs that we have today. It refers to a special breed produced when mastiff and pug crossed.

During 1600’s, the bulldogs are involved in the gambling sport called bullbaiting or bearbaiting. In this sport the bulldogs are leapt to a bull, latched on its snout or lashed on a post. When 17th century comes, this sport was outlawed so the bulldogs are crossed with pugs. The babies that were produced from the bulldogs and pugs are now the modern bulldog breeds that we admire. Looking at them today, you can say that they are shorter and wider dogs that have brachycephalic skull. They loosed the extreme energy and athletic skills that their ancestors have. They are now loved as pets and not as an animal for bullbaiting like in the history of bulldogs’ long years ago.

Grooming Bulldogs

Bulldog owners loves cuddling and playing with their pets. With its smooth and short coat fur they are said to be naturally clean. Because of these, grooming bulldogs are set aside. Since they look good and neat most of the time, you forget your pet’s grooming habits like bathing, brushing, ears cleaning, wrinkles cleaning and nail trimming. As a responsible pet owner, you should set regular grooming schedule for your pet. It will only take few minutes but it can make good contribution in making your pet healthier and good looking.

Bulldogs rarely get dirty so when you ask about his bathing schedule, well, it’s recommended to be done once a month only. When having his bath it is also advised to use lukewarm water to avoid him getting colds and flu. If you can find an open window or area where the sun shine can get in, it’s better. It will help him easily get dry quickly. About the other grooming bulldog tips like ear cleaning, wrinkles cleaning, nail trimming and brushing, always remember to be very careful.

You might hurt your dog and make him more aloof the second time you will have his grooming bulldog schedule. Always show him the tender loving care that he deserves in all your ways. This will make him more comfortable and tolerant to you when you are doing his grooming activities. Your tender touch and loving caress can totally assure him that you will never hurt him or cause any injuries.

Feeding Bulldogs

Feeding Bulldogs

Bulldogs are loved by dog lovers because of the mixed aura that they have. They look touch and masculine but cute at the same time. With their incomparable look they are treated special by their owners. If you own a bulldog and it is very dear to you, make sure to develop good feeding scheme for him. Although many bulldogs are only required to be feed once, you can make it twice a day. Feeding bulldogs should be more frequent to totally spread the amount of food that his stomach will take-in and digest. This is the most advisable feeding bulldog strategy to avoid possibility of flatulence and gastric torsion. You can adapt this for your pet’s feeding so that he can stay healthy and live longer that what is expected.

Like any other dog breeds, bulldogs are omnivores so they also require good intake amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. In short, you should pick the best feeding bulldog diet that contain all the essential nutrients that your pet needs. Aside from feeding him with solid foods, you should also remember to provide him with abundant intake of fresh and clean water.

Food and water works hand-in-hand to make your bulldog strong and active. A well feed bulldog is most likely to develop more skills and abilities. With the energy that he gets from nutritious meals, he can have more time for his training and play time with you. He will be totally the best buddy that you could have if you will just provide him with his basic needs.

Bulldog Health

Bulldogs puppies are tempting and irresistible. They look cute and cuddly so you will surely take home one as your pet. Although your pet looks healthy, you must bring him to the nearest animal clinic in your area to have his first check up. Actually, most animal doctors recommend this as soon as you can or within 24 or 72 hours after you acquire the pet. Bulldog health needs to be attended with proper attention because they can get sick and at worst die. Baby bulldogs are prone to experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and gastric torsions, so you also need tips from the vet on how to become a responsible and loving pet owner.

The first visit to veterinarian is the first step that you can do to improve and develop the health of your lovable pet. The doctor can assess the bulldog health status and condition that your pet has so he can provide the vitamins, medicines and diet schemes suitable to make him bigger and fat.

Just like Chihuahua, bulldog health can go bad because of skin allergies or problems like eczema, seborrhea and acne. When you notice these in your pet, don’t apply ointments and other medicines that you have at home. Bulldogs need special type of medication to fully eliminate skin problems. Although it is just an external health problem, it is still advisable to bring him back to the vet. They know everything to make your dog well and healthy.

Bulldog Vaccinations and Medical Issues

Bulldogs are known as the common man’s dogs. The breed is loved mostly by people because of their devotion and courage. Sad to say, their life is put to danger sometimes specially because there are owners who have no other thing in mind but the dollar sign that they see on dogs. They are not ‘cheap’ dogs although they are available rampantly nowadays.

Indeed, bulldogs make a great buddy for vacations since he can give you the comfort that you want while at the same time giving you the love and affection you would want from a pet. Sad to say, bulldogs can get a little bit disturbing sometimes especially when they are faced with medical issues such as:

  • Elongated Palate

There are some dogs that are born with palates that seem too long than the normal.

  • von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD)

This is a very common bleeding disorder that affects the capability to clot blood properly.

  • Magaesophagus

This is the consequence being paid by most French Bulldogs because of their being a brachycephalic (short muzzled) breed. They possess an enlarged esophagus thus the food is just being aspirated down to the lungs.

  • Hemivertebrae

This is a genetic malformation that can provide a serious impact to bulldogs.

  • Cleft Palate

There are times when bulldog pups are born with opening (cleft) on top of their mouth which is basically genetic in nature. There are instances when the cleft can be surgically done but pups that possess a history of cleft palate must never be bred.

Types of Bulldogs

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

People love bulldogs because of its not-so-usual appearance. They have heavy to muscular built, dumpy legs, short coat, small ears and an interesting expression. They are naturally playful and go along with people and kids.

Bulldogs are known for their intelligence and agility. Because of this, bull dogs were often used in the pop culture as icons.

Bulldogs were not naturally bred as they are. They are products of the cross-breed between a pug and a mastiff. They are many types of bulldogs such as:

  • Alapaha bulldog,
  • American bulldog,
  •  Aussie bulldog,
  • Banter bulldog,
  • Catahoula bulldog,
  • French bulldog,
  • Victorian bulldog,
  • Valley bulldog,
  • English bulldog.

They all possess a different appearance as well as personalities. Still, they have the signature appearance of all bull dogs.

These types of bulldogs are bred based on the locations that they will be raised. Factors such as living conditions are taken into consideration.

The Alapaha bulldog is tagged as a rare type of bulldog. Hence, its rarity also gives it a high price. American bulldogs, on the other hand, are the type of bulldogs that are common in American households. They are muscular and agile. They are best suited as guard dogs in a home. If looking for a companion for hunting, the Catahoula bulldog is a good choice. Hunting is a perfect ground for the Catahoula bulldog to exhibit its intelligence and vigor. If a test of patience is wanted, the Valley bulldog will give the companion the challenge. Oftentimes, Valley bulldogs show off their stubborn nature and require their companion to be patient in training and handling them.

Overall, choosing the type of bulldog depends on what the companion’s lifestyle requires. The companion may want a housedog, a hunting companion, a challenging pet or a pricey addition.

Training Bulldogs

Contrary to the belief that bulldogs are not gifted with intelligence, bulldogs are intelligent dogs and can be easily trained.

Training bulldogs require patience from its owners. The first thing that must be taught to the bulldog is that the owner is his master. As master, you should not succumb to the bulldog’s unnecessary demands. Instill to his mind what is meant when you say “no”. Say no on unwanted behavior such as chewing on shoes and furniture’s and breaking items around the house. Of course, this important lesson must be taught at the earliest time possible and must be carried on through the course of the training.

Another important thing to remember in training bulldogs is where to do potty. No owner would want pet droppings scattered all over the household. Do this by designating a place to do so. Place newspapers on the area for your dog to leave his droppings on.

Basic commands will come handy later on. Such commands include “sit”, “stay” and “come”. This is for his discipline around family members and visitors.

For some special trick, most pet owners teach the classic “play dead”. Others find it useful to teach their dog how to cross the street and get the newspaper.

For every successful trick performed, you may want to give your dog a reward. For example, you can give him a dog biscuit every time he sits or stay when asked to do so. Dogs get encouraged to repeat the trick that they did if they see that their owner is rewarding them for doing it.

Caring For Bulldog puppies

Bulldog puppies

Bulldog puppies

Caring for Bulldog puppies require attention and care from the companion. As owners, you will be responsible for the puppy including its health and being.

The first days of your bulldog puppy at home are difficult. This is because the puppy will need time to adjust on a new environment away from other dogs that your puppy got used to. At the same time, it is also a time for you to adjust on having a new addition in your home.

During the first few days, make sure you give time and attention to your bulldog puppy. Be sure to bring it your veterinarian to have his health checked. Also make sure you’re your bulldog puppy has completed his vaccine shots. Deworming on a regular basis is also recommended to get rid of those unwanted parasites.

At home, supply him with clean food, water and a comfortable shelter. Feed you bulldog puppy with softened kibble. Should you want to change the brand of kibble you’re giving your puppy, do it gradually.

Caring for Bulldog puppies also requires proper grooming. Frequent brushing will remove dead hair and can get rid of fleas and ticks. Give your puppy’s nails a trim to avoid scratches around the house.
Give your bulldog puppy a regular exercise schedule. However, do not overdo the exercise as too much of it may endanger your dog’s health later on.

As responsible pet owners, caring for Bulldog puppies must be a priority. The health of your puppy lies on your hands.

Finding Bulldogs For Sale

Finding bulldogs for sale in the United States is quite a task. There are several things that you have to put in mind before purchasing a bulldog. First, you have to make sure that the seller is a legitimate breeder of bulldogs. It must be of good reputation and must be certified to be breeding healthy bulldogs. If not you might be at risk of purchasing unhealthy or differently abled dogs.

Second, the documentation must be properly done. It must contain all the necessary information about the bulldog including the physical description as well as the vaccines already administered.

Third, the bulldogs must be physically ready to part with its mother. If you’re buying a bulldog puppy, you’d want to buy one which is at least three months old. If younger, the puppy might still be dependent on its mother and may not survive if separated earlier.

Fourth, carefully select the puppy for you. Of course, all of them will look alike but there’s always one puppy that will capture you. Pick the one that you feel that you can get along with.

Finally, make sure that you are ready to have a bulldog in your home. You must be fully equipped with tools and materials in raising a puppy such as crates, food and containers.

It may take some time before you finally find the bulldog for you. It helps a lot if you’re careful in finding bulldogs for sale. A healthy and happy bulldog is what you’re looking for.

Bulldog Adoption Agencies

What enters your mind when you hear the word ‘adoption agency’? Chances are, you are going to think that someone is looking for a home of a child who has been abandoned by his parents. However, the term is not only use for children since it can as well refer to dogs such as those bulldog adoption agencies that work primarily for the benefit of the breed.

A lot of these agencies are in practice these days all over the world. Comparable to the human version, bulldog adoption agencies work to find a home for these dogs and puppies that have no one to take care of. There are some agencies that work with limited scope in terms of geographical areas while there are some that possess their own website in order to serve people in various states and countries.
Bulldog adoption agencies do not actually work along with breeder since their task is only limited for abandoned and surrendered animals. Many of these are run by volunteers; people who are willing to give their time and money just to feel the joy of knowing that dogs can have a place where they truly belongs.

There are as well dog adoption agencies that provide their service to all kinds of dogs regardless of the breed. Also, there are adoption agencies created for cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, and other kinds of animals. All of them basically work for the same purpose of looking for happy and joyful homes for these animals.

Bulldog Pregnancy


The news of pregnancy never fails to delight people. It is always linked with happiness and excitement. Now, in case you are looking for information about bulldog pregnancy so you could ready yourself when the big day arrives then you might be comforted with the fact that pregnant bulldog do not really necessitate a lot of care and trouble.

In fact, feeding the bitch on her first month of pregnancy should be similar to the type and quality of food that she is accustomed from the start. Most owners are mistaken when they would increase the quantity of food during the first month since doing this may lead to whelping problems in the long run.

At her 4th week of pregnancy, it is about time to do ultrasonic scanning in order to verify pregnancy. A little physical change may take place until the 5th week of pregnancy so some owners may need a confirmation to know if their bulldogs are really pregnant. A blood test can also be employed during this time, but it must be remembered that smaller litters can lead to false negative result. During the fifth week, the nipples as well as the mammary glands start to swell and may look darker. During the 6th or the 7th week the dam will start to thicken and the flanks die to the growth of the pups within. It is on the 8th week that the meal must be divided into three parts to prevent pressure and bloating. All of these must be remembered to ensure safe bulldog pregnancy.

Bulldog Facts

Known for their signature snore, bulldogs have become a popular pet and companion in the United States. If you’re a companion who is considering a bulldog as a new pet, here are some bulldog facts that you must know:

  1. Bull dogs have several varieties. Choose one that can go with your lifestyle. For example, if you want a guard dog, go for the American bulldog. If you’re an outdoor person who loves hunting, the Catahoula bulldog is your choice.
  2. Bulldogs are playful. They love to play outdoors and they are sociable to almost everyone. Bulldogs are great choices for household pets. However, during feeding time, bulldogs don’t go well with other dogs.
  3. Bulldogs can live up to ten years and can weight from 50-60 lbs. They can grow from 12-15 inches.
  4. Bulldogs are low-maintenance dogs. They do not require much grooming. Bathing at least once a week and combing with a bristle brush can get rid of the fleas and ticks.
  5. Bulldogs suffer in hot climate. During hot seasons, bulldogs must be kept cool with constant hydration. Giving bulldogs a piece of ice can also be a nice summer treat to keep their temperature down.
  6. Bulldogs are great breed of dogs which can bring joy to every home. Their playful personality as well as their sociable nature makes them a good choice. They can be easily trained to guard a home and to socialize in a neighborhood.

Bulldog Information

Bulldog Facts

Bulldogs are not new to us anymore—you see them on movies, you can read them on books, or you can even interact with one from your neighborhood. Indeed, bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs out there. They are comical, friendly, and docile though they can be a little bit stubborn sometimes.

They get too intimate with children as well with other dogs. Bulldogs can also be good for cats only if these dogs will understand that pussy’s dish is off-limits for them.

As owner, it is important for us to understand that bulldogs possess this special need to exercise at a slower pace and which should be discontinued in case there is something disturbing seen on their breathing. It is very important to keep them away from very high humidity and heat since they are very much prone to heart attacks and they can be really bad when it comes to proper breathing.

Bulldogs make a good guard dog though they seem to be among the hardest breeds to train. However, with the help of patience and consistency then good results are not that hard to obtain. They also make the best pet among people who doesn’t like to spend much of their life taking care of others since they are primarily a low need dogs. They only call for daily food supply and comforts from people around them. But sad to say, they are short-lived and they are delivered mostly through the process of cesarean because of their huge heads.

Breeding Bulldogs

Dogs are known to be men’s best friend that is why people are looking for ways by which they can turn their dogs into something that is more-human.

In breeding bulldogs, those that are physically strong with pronounced muscular development must be chosen. If you are lucky enough to own a bulldog that exudes such description then you won’t find it hard to train him although it may still require a big deal of perseverance. In case your dog isn’t that strong then it can be improved through the road for a good walk. Expect that he will pull against the restraint, do not worry since his action is beneficial because it helps him develop muscle on the shoulder and frontal part of the body.

Indeed, breeding bulldogs calls for unlimited dose of patience given that success may be too far to achieve. In fact, a breeder is lucky enough to rear 5 out of 10 puppies. The success rate for bulldogs that looks healthy is higher compare to those who may whine and whimper at the end of the training which most of the time will end up to untimely burial.

As a breeder, do not get too excited to see your dog perform tricks and activities right ahead. Remember the saying that no happiness exists without hindrance. You need to face the hard battle at first before you can actually see good results. Just wait and you will realize at the right time that all of your patience is never wasted.

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