Best Dog Haircuts – All About Keeping Your Dog’s Look Trendy and It’s Hair Fashionably Chic

Original dog haircuts

Considering different pet haircuts for your dog? You won’t have problems with the choice. There are plenty of them as far as original pet haircuts are concerned. There are also more traditional pet haircuts with which you can start. A visit to the groomer will help you. But you can also learn the artistry of pet hair cutting yourself and give your dog a hair cut suggested by your own imagination. A good practical dog grooming video will help you learn how to groom your dog at home. And a quality grooming tool will realize even the craziest pet haircuts you can think of.

Cutting your pet’s hair can become a fun and entertaining part of dog grooming routine. And certainly, as a loving pet owner you need to choose a pet haircut that can stress the personality of your smaller friend. But at first, make yourself familiar with some basic pet haircuts which are commonly performed on dogs and enjoy wide popularity. The type of a pet clip mostly depends on the type of the dog’s coat. Some pet haircuts are done in accordance with the breed standards. Other pet haircuts provide easy maintenance. A pet owner can follow the recommendations of the groomer as to the hair length and style. And of course, you can always tell the groomer the way you see your dog’s hair cut. A professional will always be able to implement your personal preferences.

Here you can see the most common types of pet haircuts.

  • Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut

Dog Puppy Cut

This is a standard dog hair clip and perfectly fits all dog breeds. This type of pet haircuts provides just a simple general trim, which makes your dog used to grooming habits very quickly.

The puppy cut is easy to maintain between trips to the groomer, as a dog’s hair is trimmed evenly over the body. Simple brushing or combing will keep your pet perfectly groomed before the next hair cutting. If you are fond of doing pet haircuts yourself, you will need grooming clippers with a number 30 blade. If you use snap-on combs, number 2 and up will work great. The hair is cut up to ½ inch following the direction of growth. If you choose hand scissoring, start at the rear proceeding to the head. Work against the lay of the fur.

Some breed with long facial hair may also be shaved on the face. This will allow them to see better. Poodles with such pet haircuts are usually trimmed at the base of the tail as well. It creates an intrinsic pompon look.

  • Retriever Cut

Retriever Cut

This pet hair clip is done on curly long-haired dogs. Such pet haircuts were originally meant to make curly easy-matting hair more manageable so that it resembled the natural hair of golden retrievers. Hence the name came. This hairstyle entails a rather short clip, about an inch in length. The hair on the face and tail is cut even shorter. This is mostly done to keep long-haired dogs cool in warm weather.

  • Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut

This is probably the most favorite hair clip among pet owners. This type of pet haircuts makes dogs look very cute and soft-looking. The teddy bear cut is sort of transitional between the retriever and the puppy cut. It leaves even hair all over the body with the face and tail shaved a bit shorter (just like the retriever cut). But a pet owner can always adjust the length according to his personal taste. Such pet haircuts are perfect for easy maintenance and keeping a dog’s coat free from tangles and mats.

  • Continental Cut

Continental Cut

This style of pet haircuts is the most popular for poodles. Though they may be given a standard puppy cut as well. The continental clip is mostly performed to show off the poodle’s hind legs. The hair at the rear, on the legs, feet, face and tail is shaved leaving the bottom joints of the legs and the end of the tail decorated with traditional pompons. They are called bracelets and appear the most peculiar feature of this dog breed. The remaining hair on the chest and around the head is left as it is. It can be just a bit trimmed to stay even.

  • Lion Cut

Lion Cut

The name speaks for itself. These pet haircuts are usually seen on Pomeranians, as even the color of their coat resembles that of a lion. Though, this hair clip is also popular with other dogs, and even cats. The hind part of the dog together with the legs is shaved very short. The tip of the tail as well as around the feet may be left with a pompon. The lion cut entails longer fur at the front so that it resembles a mane. Such pet haircuts look real funny, though not every owner ventures it.

  • Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut

With the lamb cut, the fur on the back, neck and belly is left at about ¼ inch long. The head, legs and tail are usually hand scissored. You can finish the trim using a #30 clipper blade to blend the body into the legs. For beginners, it is better done with dog grooming scissors.

  • Original pet haircuts

Original pet haircuts lizzard

Original dog haircuts tiger

If you want your dog to look unique, you may want to make up some fancy haircut specially for him/her. There are many various pet haircuts that have already been tried on dogs. Dying dogs, dogs with dreadlocks, dogs with Mohawks, these are only a few pet haircuts which the dogs had to undergo owing to a crazy imagination of their creators. Some of them look really funny, but some are pretty ridiculous. Original pet haircuts are usually intended to resemble other animal, or characters, or even people of different styles. Well, you are free to experiment. But remember that pets are not inanimate objects, so try not to make a laughingstock of them.

Pet haircuts can be an interesting part of your pet grooming process. Trimming your dog’s hair will leave it in a nice condition and make it easy to maintain. Original pet haircuts will stress the pet’s character and individuality. Make it fun and exciting for both of you. Then your dog will be willing to try on new and new pet haircuts!

Pet Haircuts: Style Your Dog’s Hair

Would you not like your dog to have a jazzy haircut that will add on to his personality? Are you looking for a breed trim or a show groom? You can style up your dog anyway you want. So give your dog one of the best dog haircuts in fashion and you will see how people are enamoured by your dogs look. In fact, they might just run to give their dog the same look so that their dog can look as ravishing just as your trendy pooch!

You might not know about this but there is an entire subculture of people who love to turn their dogs into walking style statements by giving them fashionable haircuts. Their dogs look like a million bucks with attractive doggy haircuts that suit them to a T. You can give your dog a million haircuts from breed trims to mult-cuts, from mohawks to lion-cuts that will make your dog look chic yet adorable.

So why give your perfectly lovable pup a haircut? Why the fuss over dog hair?


Taking care of your dog and most of all giving your dog a fabulous haircut is an important aspect of dog ownership. You would not want your dog to look boring in front of other people with that same hairstyle throughout his life! To add on to your dogs physical maintenance you should provide your dog with a good haircut. There are many breeds of dogs like the Poodles, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Spaniels, Setter, Lhasa Apso, Silky Terriers and many more that are groomed by their owners and kept fashionable. By giving your dog a haircut you can enhance your dogs best feature that is his hair.

Many a time people generally leave it to the professional groomers to give their dog a haircut but you can always give your dog a haircut yourself; for that you just need to know your dogs breed standards and learn some dog grooming skills. You can even consider enrolling in a dog grooming school if you want to learn it professionally.

When giving your pet one of the best dog haircuts you should take care of your dogs needs and keep its shape and physique in mind. You should know that if your dog has long hair and a small face then you should probably give your dog a haircut with a wide forehead to avoid the hair from falling over his eyes which can cause problems and/or accidents by obstructing his vision. If you are too busy with work and cannot take care of your dogs hair grooming regularly then you should rather keep his hair short by giving him a Mohawk kind of a haircut.
Just like you get your haircut every month or so, take your dog for his monthly trimming too. Some dogs need with hair that doesnt grow very quick require seasonal cuts; so they need to be taken to their hairdresser every couple months or so, depending on their coat length. You can also keep your dogs hair short during summers which makes your dog look cute and keeps him cool and comfortable in the blazing weather.

Haircuts during shedding season can help prevent hair build-up and excess shedding. Dogs differ in their biological aspects like the Poodle and Shih Tzu as their hair grows fast and so they need a haircut every two to four weeks.

While giving your dog a haircut there is no hard and fast rule that says a Bichon has to look like a Bichon or a Shih Tzu has to look like Shih Tzu. You can use the best dog haircuts of dogs like a Spaniel or a Seater (sporting group) on a Cocker, Springer or an English cocker. While giving a haircut to your pooch you should feel free to express yourself and pick and choose from the best dog haircuts that are currently in fashion and get the perfect haircut for your dog. Use your imagination and be creative before giving or getting a haircut for your dog. There is no law that says your pet cant be funky or unique-looking; just dont go overboard and turn your dog into a laughing-stock! The trick here is to be attractively-creative! Since you have all the right on your dog as you are the owner of the dog you can make it look as adorable or as unique as you want it to; its entirely dependent on you and the style you choose for your dogs coat trim. You can design your dogs hair the way you want to; you can colour your dogs hair in whichever colour you like; you can tie ribbons on his hair; if your dog has long hair you can even make ponytails and make your dog look really cute.

There are some tips as to which haircut you should give your dog:

  • Bichon Dog It has a round head so we can snap on combs or a regular blade to straighten out all the curls and give him a nice haircut.
  • The Westie or the West Highland white terrier you can cut his hair in a circle since the West Highland white terrier has a head that looks like a chrysanthemum.
  • Poodles can be given a lion cut or even a Mohawk.

You can use these haircuts on various other breeds of dogs. You can opt for the best dog haircuts that bring out the best features of your dog. You can make it even look more endearing by giving it the look you want and if there is a problem and he cannot adapt himself to the style you have given him then you can opt for something with less style and which is little more functional. After putting in so much effort to give your dog one of the best dog haircuts, you should even know how to maintain his hair.

Some tips for maintaining your dogs haircut:

  • You should shampoo your dogs coat thrice a week to keep it germ-free and shiny.
  • You should brush your dogs hair every day for that gleaming coat.
  • Apply conditioner for a silky coat.
  • Give your dog iron tablets for a healthier pet. Also, iron helps to keep dog hair healthy and makes it grow quickly.

But do consult your vet before popping any pills into your dogs mouth!

So, what are you waiting for folks? Get your shaggy pet to the nearest dog grooming salon for a snazzy haircut or get ready to cut your dogs hair on your own and give the adorable fella one of the best dog haircuts trending now! Make your pet look as cool and chic as it deserves to be.

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