Quality Pet Dryer – Make The Right Choice

Quality Pet Dryer

Looking for a good pet dryer? The best choice for you would be a pet dryer of high quality at affordable price. This helpful device is irreplaceable for a quick and high grade pet grooming. Human blow dryers can be harmful to your dog or cat. They use a too hot airflow which can overdry or even burn the pet’s coat and skin. This leads to skin irritation, sores and further health problems. A special pet dryer will give your pet’s fur a nice and well-groomed look. Moreover, it will save you twice as much time and effort. A quality pet dryer is perfectly suited for both professional and home dog grooming. Make sure to choose a safe pet dryer which will meet all your pet’s grooming needs.

There is a vast selection of pet supplies to choose from. Shop around. Many online shops will offer you all sorts of pet grooming products. Leading manufacturers in pet industry such as Wgroom, Top Paw™, Grreat Choice, Andis will assure high quality and durability of their goods. A pet dryer of any of these trademarks will last you a lifetime.

good pet dryer

When choosing a pet dryer you should pay attention to certain qualities of the product. Let’s take a look at some desirable features of your pet dryer.

  • High performance. A quality pet dryer must be equipped with a powerful motor which generates a high volume of air. Several heat settings and air speeds will allow you to adjust the air force to your grooming needs.
  • Durability. A rustproof steel or thermoplastic construction will provide you with long years of service. An impact resistant housing will protect your pet dryer by accidental dropping.
  • Safety. A safe pet dryer is often equipped with rubberized feet. This prevents the unit from tipping over. A built-in safety timer is helpful if you combine your pet grooming with other household chores.
  • Usability. Such features as air flare tool, air flow control and air concentrator will add advantage to your pet dryer. Different changeable nozzles and brushes will meet any of your grooming requirements. Putting or removing the concentrator you will be able to regulate the air flow for normal or extra-fast drying. Some dog dryers come with a stand which adjusts to several different positions. A shoulder strap as well as a mounting hook provides an easy and comfortable use of your device.
  • Level of sound. It’s extremely important to choose a pet dryer which works quietly. Most dogs hate noises. So, if your dog dryer is too loud, be sure your pet won’t let you come anywhere near him.
  • Weight. A pet dryer should be considerably lightweight. This ensures its portability and usability.
  • Price. Prices usually range from tens to several hundreds of dollars. Of course, nobody wants to spend a fortune on a pet dryer. Make sure to choose a pet dryer which will satisfy all your grooming needs and will be reasonable in price. Though, sometimes it’s wise to make a one-time investment in a product which will serve you a long time.

Basic pet dryer models

pet dryer models

Here are some basic pet dryer models which enjoy great popularity. Consider all their features and make the right choice.

Metro Air Force Commander Two Speed Dryer

Metro Air Force Commander Two Speed Dryer

Metro Air Force Commander Two Speed Dryer. This is a powerful floor/table pet dryer which operates at 110 volts. It is lightweight and portable with a change filter and dual mounted legs. Metro Air Force Commander is ideal for professional and at-home use. For a reasonable price you will get a pet dryer which will cut your drying time by two thirds. If you wish, you can also get an optional cage dryer kit. It includes 2 handle holders and cage attachment hooks.

B-Air Bear Power II Professional Grade Pet Dryer

B-Air Bear Power II Professional Grade Pet Dryer. This functional hand held pet dryer is equipped with a powerful double motor which operates at 40,000 fpm. It is made of thermoplastic polymers and weighs about 14 pounds. The 10-foot cord alongside with 10 feet of rubber hose provides a high portability and performance. 3 interchangeable nozzles and an easy filter replacement will fit any grooming operation. The Bear Power pet dryer is certified indicating its compliance with electricity regulations in the US and Canada.

Double K 560 Brushless Cage Dryer

Double K 560 Brushless Cage Dryer. This new device with a powerful brushless motor safely protects animals from hyperthermia. It has a thermostat which measures the temperature in the cage preventing it from exceeding 107 degrees. This pet dryer is extremely quiet and has a built-in one hour timer. A durable impact resistant housing and a safety chain will guarantee a long term of service. The manufacturing company provides the clients with a 2-year limited warranty or a refund within 30 days.

Metro Stowaway Stealth Dryer

Metro Stowaway Stealth Dryer. Perfect for those who have a grooming table. This pet dryer mounts under a grooming table with a unique bracket. Such a sly construction prevents it from falling off the table or tipping over. Since it occupies no floor space, you have more room for work. The Stealth dryer is very easy in use. It slides in and out of the mounting bracket. As for the 6.5 flexible hose, you can simply coil it around the exhaust and the pet dryer is out of your way.

All the pet dryers listed above are of high quality and performance. Each of them is remarkable for some specific feature. Some may have a more powerful motor but will also be more expensive. Others have an attracting price tag, but have less attachments or speed settings. It’s always up to you to decide which quality should predominate. In any case a good pet dryer must be functional, safe, durable and easy to use. Before purchasing a pet dryer shop around and gather all the necessary information.

A good pet dryer can greatly help in your pet’s grooming business. It will reduce time and efforts spent on this daunting drying procedure. You will have more time for yourself and your pet will acquire a beautiful look. Make sure to choose the product which meets all your requirements. A quality pet dryer will be of great use to you and last a lifetime.

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