Professional Pet Grooming Tubs and Bathing Tubs: An Expert Review

Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Evolve Tub Left Plumbed for Pets Review

Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Evolve Tub Left Plumbed for Pets

Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Evolve Tub Left Plumbed for Pets

You are a professional pet groomer and looking for quality grooming equipment? With the present-day wide selection of pet products, even being a professional doesn’t make it easier to choose the right product for your needs. If it’s a pet tub that you need, here are some useful reviews of high-quality tubs that possess all necessary features to satisfy your needs both as a pet groomer and an exigent professional.

If you are a beginner in the dog grooming business, economy premium pet tubs can be a great option to start with, since the prices for them range from 700 to 2,300$. One of such variants is the Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Evolve Tub Left Plumbed for Pets. Made of durable 20-gauge 304 stainless steel, this bathtub will last you a lifetime. The average model has dimensions of 24D x 48L x 57-1/2, but you may also opt for small or oversize models. Its sturdy construction on full-width legs with levelers will make bathing of your pet safe and secure. The Groomers Best Stainless Steel Evolve Tub is an even better option as it comes with an added ramp for easier and more comfortable transporting of animals in and out of tub to avoid back strain.

Superior Stainless Steel Evolve Tub Left Plumbed for Pets

Of course, you can pick just a basic tub without a ramp, which will save you several hundreds of dollars. But if you choose a walk-in model with a ramp covered with a nonskid mat for safe movement of pets and a slide-in door with a 13 x 10 walk-through opening, you will also be able to take care of your back. When not in use, you can easily push the ramp back under tub and enjoy comfortable bathing. For additional payment you can also get a plumbing package that includes:

  • Chrome faucet with 4 centers
  • Polyurethane coiled hose
  • Spray head
  • PVC p-trap
  • Drain with strainer
  • Vacuum breaker

You will also be able to choose between left- or right-sided drain and 8 or 4 centers faucet holes. Drain is on the opposite side of ramp.

Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub/Cabinet Set grooming tubs Review

Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub/Cabinet Set

If you suspect your dog of having trouble with walking on a ramp, the Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub/Cabinet Set available in regular 48 length and oversize 58 length is the best choice for you. The unique design of nonslip steps that can be easily rolled out of the way under tub on casters will provide a larger grooming place with an easy approach to the tub and, thus, more comfortable bathing of your pet.

Let’s see what you will get, together with the practical design, when buying this pet tub:

  • 18-gauge stainless steel construction with scratch-resistant coating available in almond or black (other colors are available upon request)
  • Sturdy tubular stainless steel legs
  • Nonslip steps on casters
  • Slide-in door
  • Removable upper tray for smaller dogs
  • 2 restraints on back wall

Just like with the previous bathtub, you have the option of drain position (left or right), as well as the option of 8 or 4 centers faucet holes.

This pet grooming tub will cost you around 844$. At extra cost you can order all the necessary accessories for your pet tub:

  • ½ thick tub mat with a specific nonskid texture for a secure footing of pets. The absence of perforations in mat allows for easy water, debris, and hair runoff, while the solid surface makes it impossible for a pet’s toes or nails to get stuck in it.
  • High-quality spray unit including a mixing faucet, a 5 flexible stainless steel hose, a shut-off valve, a built-in vacuum breaker and a hanger hook for sprayer.
  • Quality rust-free stainless steel strainer and drain trap for preventing hair from clogging.

Dog Bathtub, PYRUS Collapsible Pet Bath Pools Inflatable Dog Bathtub Tub for Dogs or Cat Review

PYRUS Collapsible Pet Bath Pools Inflatable Dog Bathtub Tub

Proceeding with the topic of usability and modernity, here is one more option you will definitely love. The brand-new PYRUS Collapsible Pet Bath Pools features exclusively designed steps that can be easily converted into a ramp, so you have either option! This pet tub perfectly combines all the features of the previous two bathtubs, which logically makes it more expensive. You can get this product for about 69$, though its unique design will surely please both you and your four-legged clients.

Tub Specifications:

  • Large enough to accommodate all sizes of dogs. Dimensions:
  • Length: 57
  • Depth: 24 ½
  • Height: 60
  •  Durable rust-free 18-gauge stainless steel construction that is easy to keep clean
  • Exclusive slide-in/out nonskid rubberized steps converted into a ramp by a simple movement of your foot
  • Large hinged access door with seals
  • Full three-sided backsplash providing less mess
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • PVC coated tub platform for pets to stand on providing secure footing and preventing from standing in water and debris
  • Three platform positions allowing to adjust the level to best fit the size of any pet without having to bend over
  • Choice of left or right drain

You can purchase all this with a spray unit, which will add about 500$ to the price. You may consider buying a high-quality T&S Brass Lightweight Aluminum Spray Unit which includes the following:

  •  A tub or wall-mounted mixing faucet with a built-in vacuum breaker
  • 9 coiled polyurethane hose
  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • Sprayer with a sprayer holder
  • Built-in spring checks that prevent cross flow of water

Shop around and find some other useful accessories for your tub to make the process of pet bathing as comfortable as possible. The Wgroom website offers a huge selection of pet products starting with grooming equipment to items of pet fashion. You will easily find the product that best meets your requirements. Choosing a pet grooming bathtub, make a good investment in your product, and it will bring profit and satisfaction to your grooming business.

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