Pet Grooming Table: Easy Steps To Choose

Pet Grooming Table

A pet grooming table can be literally the base of your pet grooming. It’s perfect to have a special grooming site, instead of putting the pet on your lap, floor or other fancy place. Many professional groomers have already found a pet grooming table invaluable in a grooming process. No wonder as a pet grooming table is not only a landing for a pet to sit on. It’s also a comfortable place for a grooming dryer, clippers and other tools. Moreover, a pet grooming table top is useful in gathering excess hair so that it doesn’t float all over the place. Some new pet owners may consider a pet grooming table not as important as, for example, a grooming clipper or a hair brush. But once tried, you will feel in full the benefits of this grooming tool. Besides, in a salon you can see how easily a groomer handles even the wiggliest dog by means of a pet grooming table with an arm and noose. You can also feel like a real pro if acquiring this effective grooming device for your pet. Fortunately, there is a vast choice of grooming tables as well as necessary accessories to choose from. Though, such a variety can easily bewilder an inexperienced beginner in grooming business.

Let’s look at a number of desired features of your pet grooming table:

  • Overall dimensions.
  • Safety and steadiness.
  • Durability.
  • Affordable price.
  • Usability.
  • Warranty.

When choosing a pet grooming table, you should consider each characteristic step by step. The following guide will help you with it.

  1. The first and most important step you should take is to decide on the size of your future pet grooming table. Logically, it will depend on the size of your pet, be it a dog or a cat, or both. You definitely don’t want your pet travel across the grooming top so that you have to chase him/her up and down. On the contrary, with a too small pet grooming table you will have your large dog’s legs hung down. This will hardly facilitate the grooming process.
  2. Once the size is settled, you should proceed to probably the most ticklish question. Right you are – the price. According to the price tag, you can get a pet grooming table not only of different trademarks, but also of different types. Basically, there are 3 main types available:

Stationary pet grooming table – the simplest, but probable the most affordable in price. Though such grooming tables do not move automatically, you still can set the appropriate height with adjustable legs. A fold-up portable dog grooming table will be irreplaceable for frequent transportation.

Hydraulic dog grooming table – more expensive, though more convenient. It is equipped with a foot pump. This enables you to adjust the table height more easily with a simple foot movement.

Electric pet grooming table – the most modern and expensive type, powered be electricity. Simply press the button and it will automatically change the height to any level you need. Many groomers love this pet grooming table even despite its considerable cost. They say that the price is offset by the functionality and convenience.

Directions On Choosing Pet Grooming Table

Pet Grooming Table

  1. Think about the weight of your device. Usually the more the weight, the sturdier a pet grooming table will be. That means your pet can safely sit on the top without the risk of falling and injuring itself. Shape of the base also contributes to the stability of a pet grooming table. Z-shaped base is the most preferable over H-shaped and round bases.
  2. Inquire about the table’s height limit. The higher it can rise, the easier it will be for tall groomers to avoid bending and stooping. The lower limit is also rather important for a dog to step up. Some grooming tables are lowered up to 6 inches of the floor. Casters are another useful feature of a pet grooming table. This allows you to roll a big dog directly to the bathtub without straining your back by lifting.
  3. A quality pet grooming table should be made of high-grade material. Professionals recommend steel or wood tabletops. This will ensure safety and durability of your device. Avoid cheap particleboard. It will hardly serve you long. Some tabletops can rotate. This is mainly characteristic of hydraulic dog grooming tables, unlike electric models. It’s particularly helpful for those who do not want to make circles round the table while grooming.
  4. The color of the pet grooming table top also differs. The best choice would be blue. It clearly shows the fallen dog’s hair. And it is simply more optimistic than black. Some table come even with illuminated tops. This makes it easier to groom a dog’s underside.
  5. And in the end, do not forget about the accessories. Most grooming tables come with arms and loops attached. These are significant tools in your dog grooming. They fix the position of the pet, making it safe for him and comfort for you to groom. Though, it’s not an integral feature of any pet grooming table. Find our whether the chosen product has a grooming arm and a grooming noose attached. This will allow you to avoid overpaying for separate details.
  6. As additional options for your pet grooming table you may consider storage, controls and assembly. Some tables are equipped with hooks for grooming clippers. Control buttons can be located on either or both sides of the table. The simplicity of assembly also makes a difference.

Sometimes choosing the right pet grooming table can be quite of a problem. Make sure to combine the desired features with your budget. Look for a pet grooming table which best fits your dog’s grooming needs. Avoid cheap models as they will unlikely provide you with high quality and a long-term service. You want to purchase a high-grade pet grooming table, which will last you a lifetime. Make a grooming experience easy and pleasant. Even if you choose the simplest model, your pet grooming table will make you feel yourself a professional at home.

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