Dog Tooth Brush: Which One to Choose?

Triple headed dog tooth brush

Triple headed dog tooth brush

A dog tooth brush is an integral component of your pet’s at-home dental care regimen. Don’t be surprised to find out that dogs and cats, just like humans, require regular teeth cleaning. Just like humans, their teeth and gums can accumulate harmful plaque and tartar. If not removed in time, it leads to development of undesired dental issues. Make sure to avoid it with proper and regular dental care. A good dog tooth brush and toothpaste formulated specifically for pets will come to the aid.

Since tooth paste for dogs usually come with yummy flavors, there is a great possibility your dog will actually love his teeth cleaning sessions. As for the dog tooth brush, they come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. There is a wide choice of pet supplies on the market today, so you might be a bit hesitant about what dog tooth brush to choose. In any case, the main criterion for you should be that it fits to the best of your pet’s needs. How to do it, read on.

Let’s consider some desirable features of a good dog tooth brush.

  • Appropriate size – as it has been mentioned earlier, your dog tooth brush should best fit your pet’s needs, that is correspond to the size of the dog and his mouth in particular.
  • Easy and comfortable to use – consider the length of the handle. A dog tooth brush should be tolerable with your pet, but it also should be comfortable to operate. Try out the grip while choosing.
  • Safety – make sure the bristles of your dog tooth brush are soft enough not to damage the tooth surface and avoid hurting the gums. Do not use human toothbrushes on dogs for this very reason.
  • Effectiveness – well, a quality dog tooth brush should be effective, but whether it is really so, you will be able to tell once tried it out.

Apart from different sizes or colors, a dog toothbrush can also be of various styles. Here is a brief overview of the most popular teeth cleaning products. This will help you pick a dog tooth brush that you can make the most of.

Traditional dog tooth brush

Traditional dog tooth brush – it is similar to the one you might use yourself. Best is Pet Dog Toothpaste Dental Care Kit with Dual Toothbrush for Oral Hygiene. The only difference is that the head is a little longer and usually set at an angle. This is done for even more convenience to reach the hardest areas in a dog’s mouth. A traditional dog tooth brush often has two brush heads at each end: a smaller one and a larger one. This gives you a perfect ability to clean all the surfaces of your dog’s teeth and gum. Moreover, two-headed brushes are great if you have dogs of different sizes at home. Any manufacturer that produces pet products will be able to offer you a good dog tooth brush. The only thing left for you to do is to choose the size and color. You can buy a dog tooth brush at your local pet supply store or order it online. Then the product may be shipped to you in a day or two.

Triple-headed dog tooth brush

Triple-headed dog tooth brush – this enhanced version of a usual pet toothbrush offers you even better care of your pet’s mouth. As the name suggests, it’s equipped with 3 brushes jointed together to provide an effective 3D cleaning of a dog’s teeth. This dog tooth brush has ultra-soft nylon bristles that gently and safely remove plaque from under the gumline as well as from the entire tooth surface. While the 3 flexible heads do their work to brush the teeth, you can also use the bottom of the handle to clean the dog’s tongue. Triple Pet Toothbrush large or small will be perfect for your dog of any size.

Finger cot dog tooth brush

Finger cot dog tooth brush – also called a finger tooth brush. This is the best choice for those who have trouble with cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the dog’s mouth. This dog tooth brush is simply attached to your finger with no handles necessary. It features soft rubber bristles, which effectively remove plaque without damaging the tooth surface. If your pet has enough trust in you and doesn’t see a threat when you are trying to get to his mouth with your fingers, then go for it! These brushes produced by well-known trade names in pet industry, for example, Petco Soft Finger Dog Toothbrush will make cleaning a breeze. Another option is a palm-assisted dog tooth brush. Such revolutionary design reduces the risk of the finger brush slipping off your finger while cleansing the dog’s teeth. This gives you a firm grip and thus increases the safety and speed of teeth brushing.

Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush – can save you time and effort. They work exactly as electric toothbrushes for people. It’s an easy and effective way to make your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. When choosing an electric dog tooth brush, consider noise level. Since all toothbrushes of this kind produce more of less noise, make sure to pick the one with the least noise production. Oral B Electric Toothbrush is a good choice to satisfy all your pet’s dental needs.

If for any reason you couldn’t cope with dog teeth cleaning, there are several other ways how you still can take care of good oral health of your doggie. A dog teeth spray or gel can be a good alternative to a dog tooth brush. Use it daily to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation on the dog’s teeth. Dental cleanser and sponges can replace for some time a dog tooth brush and dog toothpaste. A liquid solution with a germ-killing chlorhexidine formula effectively fights bacteria-laden tartar and helps with bad breath. Even simple gauze pads and some water can be of use when there is no dog tooth brush at hand.

A good dog tooth brush and some tasty dog toothpaste are the two basic things necessary to keep clean teeth and healthy mouth of your pet. To make the cleaning process easier, start at a young age. This will help you develop good dental care habits and make a dog tooth brush a desirable object for cleaning your pet’s teeth.

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