Deshedding Grooming Gloves Review

We are used to the fact that animal fur is very hard to cope with, most people buy animals with short fur or avoid all animas due to the fur issue. However the progress doesn’t stand still and now you have an easy affordable solution to the shedded fur issue. Cleaning the house from fur gets much easier by regular brushing your pet with this simple yet genius tool. This simple invention helps you get rid of the animal fur issue for the years to come.

Deshedding Grooming Gloves Review

The grooming gloves have been extremely popular with the vigilant pet owners that really care about the comfort of their animals as well as the domestic hygiene. They do have numerous advantages such as:

  • They mimic the touch of your hand when you pet the animals thus provide a gentle massage.
  • The shedded hair sticks to the glove so it is easy to peel it off after the grooming is done.
  • You get to keep your home clean by minimizing the amount of shedded fur.
  • Most gloves are adjustable with straps.
  • They work for all the fur animals thus one glove can be used for all of your domestic pets.

But if you are left handed note that most of the deshedding gloves are right handed thus you would need to ask someone for help or assistance.

True Touch Deshedding Glove

True Touch Deshedding Glove

And so let us start with the leader of the market, so far this brand has held the top spot in sales. One of the marketing leaders with the price of 8.44 $, here is why you should love it:

  • It mimics the feel of your hand during the gentle massage, making the whole process easier and faster for you and your pets.
  • 180 tips to groom your animal with ease and hold the loose fur.
  • The fur gets stuck to the glove during the grooming of your cat or dog, it is easy to clean by the hand after every brushing.
  • You get to keep your house clean by minimizing the shedding with this grooming glove, no need to worry about the animal’s fur on the floor and furniture.
  • Works well with all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs.

The True Touch Deshedding Glove works well on all fur, you can use it around the face of your pet, under the chest, behind legs and tail and all the other sensitive areas. The hook and loop fastener will help you adjust the glove size.

The product is very easy to handle and to reuse. Peel the collected fur right off the glove or wash it with soap and then let it dry. The cleaning does not change its properties and the glove will serve you for the years to come.

Bemix Pets Grooming Glove Brush

Bemix Pets Grooming Glove BrushNow we have another similar product on the market, we will make it easier for you to find the best glove that fits your pet. A very affordable option that has its own advantages such as:

  • You get two for one at the price of 10.99$ which is a great value for money although there is no free shipping.
  • All loose hair gets trapped in the glove while an animal receives a light massage which is very comforting.
  • Work well for all fur types no matter how long or short it is. Ideal for seasonal molting as well as daily brushing.
  • It fits all hand sizes with the adjustable strap making it comfortable for the user.

The Bemix Pets Grooming Glove Brush makes the grooming process very easy and relaxing causing zero stress for the animals. You can use it on all pets including horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.

Although the main function of the glove is to simplify the grooming process and get rid of the loose hairs it also has a second function. If your animal can get aggressive or agitated while grooming the glove is meant to protect your arm from bites or scratches as it is made with thick protecting anti-scratch layering.

Delomo Deshedding Glove

Delomo Deshedding GloveNow the newer option and the item number three. This Delomo Deshedding Glove also works well on all animal hair types. So how does it differ and what do you get for your $ 5.99? Read on the product review:

  • Timely hair removal helps remove the amount of allergens in the air as well as improve the softness and shine of your pet’s coat. It also stimulates the natural skin oils.
  • Work for both dry and wet fur. Use it daily on your cat and dog or apply it after the bath for more accelerate shedding of the wet fur. Brushing your pet’s fur when it is wet provides deeper clean.
  • You get the quality assurance with your glove. If you are not satisfied with the product quality we will refund the full amount.
  • The glove fits all pet lovers with the adjustable Velcro strap; it is flexible for the better comfort of your hand.
  • A gentle grooming massage can remove tangles, mats as well as undercoat.

Clean up the loose hair, dirt and tangles while stimulating the natural oil production making your animal’s fur healthier and shinier. Reduce the amount of fur left in the house thus keeping a tidy house.


No matter how big is your budget or what product you choose the main thing is to provide your animal with plenty of love and regular care. Let us know if you have tried these products and how do you liked them. I will be waiting for your reviews.

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