Things to Consider before Buying Your Cat or Kitten

Are You Ready for a Cat?

If falling in love with a bright eyed and fluffy tailed kitten, then you really have to ask yourself if you have the life that will support a pet cat. It is important for you to work out whether you will be able to live in the same house with a cat, or if you will be able to take care of requirements. This guide will help you find the answer.

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Allergies, Insurance and Health

The first thing that you should consider is whether you are allergic to cats. The simplest test is to play with a friend’s kitten or cat and let her come in contact with your boby or clothes. If there are no adverse skin reactions or sneezing, then you are most certainly not allergic to cats. If you want to be sure about this then you should consider having a special allergy test at your local doctors surgery.
Generally, cats should not cause health issues in your family provided that no one is allergic to animals. However, cats and kittens can fall ill. Most dangerous and contagious cat conditions can be prevented with vaccinations these days, but you have to be prepared to take care of your pet if she falls ill at any point.

The next thing to consider is cat insurance, you will need to find a good insurance comparison site. Finding the right site means that you will get the best comparison between all cat insurance providers. Doing this type of comparison means that you will definitely get the best insurance deal for your cat or kitten. There are many types of cat insurance so make sure you get the best one possible for you little kitty.

Cats are susceptible to parasites, Fleas can become a problem for humans when they are in the home. That is why it is important for you to administer effective flea control if fleas were to infestate your home. You should be prepared for dealing with fleas in your house by keeping powers and other flea controls, which you can purchase from a good pet shop.

These are important things to understand as owners have to know about the responsibilities of keeping cats as well as the joy of ownership. Be aware that kittens are very much like children, they will be into everything and they will do their best to destory your home.


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You really have to ask yourself whether a pet cat can fit into your home and of course your life! Cats are more independent compared to dogs, but they will still need some love and care. If you cannot devote enough time to playing with your cat/s then he/she may become aggressive and cause a lot of trouble with other cats or members of your family. Also, if you travel on business or stay away from home for long periods of time, then you may find it difficult to keep cats.

Our recommendation would be to get two cats if you are at work all day or if there is no one at home. You will find that your cats will keep each other company. however make sure you socializing with them at least once a day as this is really important.

Generally, cats do not need much space to play and be free. That is why keeping cats in an apartment or flat shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Make sure you give them a comfortable place to sleep and find a secluded place for their litter tray.

Are you prepared to care for a pet?


You have to be willing and able to care for your cat. Firstly, you have to consider the financial side! Caring for a cat can be very costly. Your new cat will need a bed, bowls, a litter tray, teeth cleaning accessories, toys and a grooming kit. Your pet will need good quality food. Cats require some vaccinations which are really important. Remember, even when vaccinated they are not completly safe from all disease, so you will have to provide drugs to prevent parasites and visits to the vet for treatment if required. There are ways to save such as buying pet cat insurance which will really help, but you have to be prepared financially to keep your cat.

Caring for your pet requires a lot of time and effort on your part. You have to be able to feed a kitten four times a day for example. You should brush your kitten once to twice a week depending on her coat. Clipping nails is an important part of the care schedule for your kitten, so are grooming and cleaning teeth.

You have to be able to provide a safe and secure home for your pet kitten. Remember cats prefer peace and quiet at least in the place where they sleep. Also kittens are like children so keep all hazards such as medicines and cleaning produced away and out of sight. Some plants and foods are also poisonous to kittens, so you have to keep those away from your kitten too. Make sure you have a safe and comfort environment when you bring your new cat home as they will explore their new surroundings.

Pedigree or House Cats?

Most people prefer to get a pedigree cat. Such as Ragdoll kitten. This has a lot of fundamental advantages over a moggy. Firstly, you will have a clear idea of what your pedigree cat is going to be like. You will also know how to cater for your cats special needs like grooming, food and health care.

On the other hand, common house cats are much less predictable when it comes to character and temperament. However, such a cat will cost you very little or virtually nothing to get. Generally, the choice of house cats is considerably greater than pedigree.

It is up to you to decide whether you prefer a pedigree cat or a common moggy? It should be highlighted that your pet’s affection for you and your relationship in general will not be affected by your choice of breed.

Kitten or Adult Cat

It’s natural to fall for a cute little kitten. However, you must bear in mind that kittens are much more energetic and will need much more of your attension. They play more and tend to be very mischievous until they are properly trained. You will have to devote lots of time and effort to making your kitten feel comfortable around you and in your family. You will need to train your cat to behave and to use the litter tray. Adult cats, are more relaxed and will get used to their new home much more quickly. They will require little or no training however it’s imporant that you choose the right adult cat before you take them home, so be selective when choosing cats.

Buying a kitten is a life changing decision that you will need to make before purchase. We always tell people to make a list of the pro and cons of owning a kitten, remember you will need adequate cat insurance just in case anything was to go wrong. Be prepared as things do happen more so than not in the first few months of a kittens life!

How to Look After a Kitten

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Cats are often seen as the low-maintenance alternative to a dog, but if you buy a cat thinking there will be little to do, you are mistaken. Cats take just as much care and attention as the next animal, so only buy one if you are ready to look after it properly. If you have done the research and decided that a cat is the perfect pet for you, you are probably wondering what to do next. Here are some useful tips to help you better look after your brand new kitten.

  • Shopping

Before you even bring your kitten home, there are a number of things that you will have to do in order to prepare. Create a list of things that your need to buy and get to work. Among things you will need to purchase are a litter box, litter, a bed, toys, food, and food and water bowls.

  • Prepare the House

You may be worried about what the kitten might do to your house, but you should be more concerned about what in your house can harm your kitten. Keep any electrical cords, cleaning chemicals, or poisonous plants out of the way. Also make sure that nothing breakable or harmful is at the level of a kitten.

  • Food

Make sure that you have plenty of food ready before you bring your kitten home. Research the best food to give a young kitten and make sure that you are not giving it anything that will cause it harm. Stay away from human food as it could hurt your kitten. Many people make the mistake of thinking that milk is a good food for cats, but it can actually harm many cats and cause them to have stomach pains.

  • Visit the Vet

You should have a visit to the vet scheduled before you even have your kitten. They will need to be checked out and immunized. This is not only for their safety, but for that of you and your family as well.

  • Train your Kitten

Cats are strong-willed creatures, so you will have to use this early time to show them who is boss. There are effective and less-effective ways to do this, so make sure you go by a manual. You will want to start by getting them to use their litter box, as this will be the most beneficial for you!

  • Playtime!

Cats are playful creatures, so put aside some time to play with your cat and create that all-important bond between pet and owner. Buy or make some cat toys and use them to play with your cat whenever you get the chance. Kittens are great for children, so if you have kids, teach them to play with your cat and help them to learn to be gentle with the small animal.

House Training Your Cat Or Kitten

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Cats are naturally clean animals, like little happy campers, they will dig a hole, do the necessary and then cover it up again. This is instinctive, so with a little time and patience, it is very easy to housetrain your kitten, and with a little extra time and patience even an older cat.

Back to Basics

Even before you get your cat or kitten, decide on the type of litter tray you are going to have. Make sure there is a suitable place in your home so that it doesn’t have to be moved around. The cat will need to get used to where the litter tray will be, if you move it, and she goes to where it used to be, she may not have time to go a look for it before having to ‘go’ and she will end up going where she thought the litter tray was. There are lots of different litter trays around, from automatic, self cleaning litter trays that can be left for up to 30 days to simple trays that need to be cleaned every day with a pooper scooper, and the one you choose will be dependent on whether your cat will be a house cat or if she will be allowed to use the garden. If your cat will eventually be allowed the freedom of the garden, ensure you have a cat collar with your contact details in case she gets lost.

The litter tray should be situated in a place that gives your cat some privacy, and no matter how much you are tempted, do not use air fresheners near the litter tray for at least the first couple of weeks. Even if the air smells better to you, it may be unpleasant for your cat and she will avoid going near it.

Observation and Persuasion

You will need to be vigilant during the first week or so you have your cat, so you can predict when she may need to go to the toilet. You can make this easier by feeding her at regular times, waiting for a while then putting her in the litter tray to see if she will perform and every time she wakes from a nap put her in the litter tray. When she does perform, give her plenty of praise. If she does have the occasional ‘accident’ do not scold her because she will associate going to the toilet with something bad, which can cause all manner of behaviour problems associated with housetraining. If you have to leave your cat for any length of time, restrict its movements to one room, making sure that there is water and a litter tray for her to use.


If your cat is resistant to housetraining, there may be a number of causes. Always ensure you rule out a medical reason by taking your cat to the vet for a check-up. Once illness has been ruled out you can tackle the root cause of the problem.

The Mysteries Behind Living With A Cat

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It’s an old joke that you can divide people into one of two groups. There are dog people and there are cat people. Of course, the truth is a little bit more complicated since there are plenty of homes out there that have both dogs and cats. While people will always have their preferences, it is hard to argue that cats, and kittens in particular, provide a level of entertainment and joy that other animals simply cannot match. Whether it is their unending curiosity or their boundless energy, these animals have truly earned their place in our hearts and in our homes.

Cats have a reputation for being self-sufficient and stand-offish, but anyone who’s lived with a cat knows that they’re really as loving and affectionate as any dog. They just don’t show it the same way. If you’ve never had a cat and are thinking about getting one, there are some things you need to know about living with them.

Don’t Let the Litter Box Get Too Full

Some cat owners believe cats are easier to take care of than dogs. While they can be less work in some ways, they also have areas that require a little more work. The litter box is one of them. If you plan to have an indoor cat, he or she will need a litter box. They usually don’t need any training to use one. They’re naturally neat and as long as you show them where it is they’ll definitely use it. But they don’t like using dirty litter boxes so if you don’t keep it clean they may start using your floor!

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It’s also a good idea to get your cat a scratching post. Cats will sharpen their claws on any handy object that offers enough “grab” to allow them to stick them in and pull them back out again. It’s that in and out motion that sharpens their claws. If you don’t get them something besides your furniture to sharpen their claws on you could be facing some hefty furniture repair bills.

Why Does My Cat Do That?

Cats have a few behaviors that some people find strange. If you understand the world that cats live in they really aren’t that strange at all.

Rubbing the side of their face on objects – This is a form of communication for cats. They have scent glands located on their cheek and when they rub their face along something, even your hand, they’re leaving their scent behind and letting other cats know they’ve been there.

Kneading – Sometimes cats will push their paws in and out the way a kitten does when it’s nursing. Domestic dogs and cats keep some of their youthful characteristics into adulthood and this is one a cat keeps. They most often do it when they are relaxed and it apparently makes them feel content.

Where Will Your Cat Companion Come From?

Once you understand the basics of cat care, you’re only decision is what kind of cat to get. There are a variety of cat breeds that include long and short hair. And, of course, you can either buy from a breeder or adopt from a shelter. If you’re looking for a specific breed then a breeder might be your best choice. But if you just want a loving companion who will be grateful for the wonderful home you provide, then check out your local shelter.

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