The Javanese Breed – Intelligence, Bright and Elegant Cat

Javanese Breed Information

Javanese Breed Information

They are a member of the Siamese family. The Javanese breed was accepted as a breed of cat in 1979 by the CFA. They look similar to the Oriental breed and their behavior is also very similar. They are very tender and loving breed with there masters, they are also known to have a silky smooth fur appearance which adds to their appearance.

On thing you should know about the Javanese breed is they may often suffer from dental problems if proper treatment like brushing is not practiced. Their hair should be cleaned with any of the numerous feline shampoos available. Most important your should never use any products which are intended to be used on humans.

The Javanese breed is a very kind and calm domestic pet and they should be given good care and love. They should not be left alone for any long periods of time. They love to be with people and easily adapt themselves with their environment. They are extremely playful and love to entertaining. They keep themselves busy by opening doors and love to play around and cause trouble with there mischievous attitude. They like to be the center of attraction at all times. They are not shy and are very free to express themselves with what they need. They tend to be a free spirited breed.

Javanese kitten Information

The Javanese kitten breed is one of the most ancient breeds. It is the perfect breed for keeping in a house. They are very affectionate so can easily get adapted to new environments. To buy a perfect Javanese kitten there are several Javanese Cat clubs where variety of kittens are available.

They maintain a variety of Javanese kittens in different colors and patterns. They are stout and weigh about 20 pounds. Their long hair makes them look very graceful and elegant. Their long tail adds more beauty and their overall structure is slim and sleek.

They belong to the family of Siamese originated from Europe. The behaviors of Javanese are similar to that of Oriental short hair. By the twentieth century this breed was famous among the domesticated pet. They have long hair that makes them look chubby and cute. They are very playful, attentive and expect more love from their owners.

Basically the cat breed can be classified as:

  • · Abyssinian
  • · American Bobtail
  • · American curl
  • · American short hair
  • · American Wirehair
  • · Balinese
  • · Bengal
  • · Berman
  • · Persian
  • · Siamese
  • · Sphynx
  • · Tonkinese
  • · Turkish van and many more

The behavior of these kittens depends on the way they are treated. This breed tends to be very dependent of its owner, they can be stubborn and  stick to what they want so care should be taken while training. They can express clearly what they want and they have good sense of humor by their playful personalities.

 Javanese kittens as a pet

Javanese kittens as a pet

Javanese kittens are distinct kittens from other breeds; they are born intelligent with power-packed energy. These breeds originated from Japan and they have many characteristics which are similar to the Siamese and the Balinese breeds.

Javanese kittens have long, silky coats that comes in dozens of colors and patterns. Javanese kittens as a pet is a perfect choice because they are playful and obey the master’s commands. These kittens have their own grace, beauty and silky hair. They will be a great companion for you and they are favored by many people all over the world to make these Javanese kittens as their pet.

Javanese kittens are really bright, armed with the ability to solve their own problems without any help. They will instantaneously add many exciting activities to your life, which give you enjoyment and happiness. They are smart enough to open up cupboards, drawers and closets; they even turn on and off the water taps and open doorways to walk out.

Javanese kittens are a home body breed and feel depressed when they left alone for long periods of time. Commonly they are very playful pets and famous for their jumping abilities. They require proper care with regular exercise otherwise they will become over-weight.

Intelligence, Bright and Elegant – The Javanese Breed

Javanese Breed Profile holds one of the top breeds amongst other cat breeds. They are very intelligent breed of cat they have a cute soft voice and have been known to remind you when it comes to daily routine tasks like dinner, time for play. They also tend to remind there masters by using there voices for other needs they may have. This cat is very suitable for someone who wants something new and thrilling. This cats is very playful, bright and smart, they also never get tired of playing.

These breeds love to play with toys and they use their paws like hands to open the cupboards, drawers and closets to take their toys. They have high intelligence, they easily mingle with family and understand the human routine life. These breeds need proper exercise to make them fit otherwise they will become over-weight and tried.

The Javanese breed is a very welcomed and favored by many cat lovers as they are suited for any environment. They are known to have different color fur and solid color spots around on the body. The color spots come in different colors like blue, brown, seal, and pale purple spots. The personalities of these breeds differ with different color patterns. They love to be at home with all family members they hate to be alone and they may get depressed if you leave them alone for long periods of time.

These cat breeds does not have downy basecoat, so only less grooming is require to them like combing and nail-clippings occasionally. Javanese Breed Profile clears that they are very beautiful breed in cats, proper breeding is necessary with nutritious food, fresh water and regular exercise.

Javanese personality trait breed

 Javanese personality trait breed

The Javanese breed was imported to Britain from Thailand. It resembles to Siamese body with diversity in patterns. The Javanese longhair breed is the most popular cat of all the Javanese breeds. They are very elegant, smart and cute. They have shinny skin, head is triangular shaped and ears are pointed. Their eyes are almond shape and are in blue or green in color. They have long legs and tail. They can run very fast.

The Javanese breed has either long or short hair. The short hair makes them look smart. They are a self-colored entity of the Siamese family. The Javanese breed comes in an array of colors and patterns. They can be found solid, shaded and bi-colored fur. Almost 300 colors and patterns are possible.

They have patterns like solid, shaded pattern, smoke pattern, partly-color, tabby pattern.

These graceful wiggly cats are very attractive with long tapered lines. They have strong muscles, long and slim legs. The tails are long enough to maintain their body weight. There are longhair and short hair Javanese cats. Because of the variety in color patterns they are referred as the “Rainbow cat”.

Shaded patterns makes it resemble to wild big cats like the tiger, but their mild behavior proves it a homely pet. The oriental short hair is a very intelligent and loving cat, it loves to be close to humans. With the help of their paws they could easily open the doors and cupboards. They are a very  loving and very playful thus they expect lots of care and attention from their owners.

Intelligent Javanese kittens need proper care

Javanese Kittens are a pleasure to own, they love to be carried. They are cute small, under a foot, active in their own environment. The Javanese Kittens are absolutely lovable and gorgeous to be at home. It is a must to take good care of your smitten Javanese kitten.

Javanese kitten Care is very important as they are not low-care animals, they need fresh water, nutritious food, shelter, regular cleaning of there litter box and require lots of care and love.

It is necessary for every master to learn how to care for the Javanese kitten?

What type of food is good for these kittens?

What type of toys are good and perfect for them?

How to buy the correct cat furniture?

Javanese kittens are one of the top cat breed, good and proper care is essential for this breed. These cats are not independent to make the right decision so proper guidance and care is very important for them. Javanese kitten Care gives your kitten comfort and knowledge in order to maintain  your kitten in proper health.

The proper care for your Javanese kitten is to give it the proper food with high nutrition levels, clean shelter, regular vaccinations and proper care and affection. These kittens are social cats and they can feel depressed when you leave them alone so it is not advised to leave your Javanese kitten or cat alone for too much time.

Javanese kittens, are very active, playful and well know for their jumping abilities. Exercise is a must for these kittens otherwise they will put-on weight and some times over weight kittens my develope health problems which can become fatal.

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