So why do cats sleep so much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much
Many first-time cat owners wonder why do cats sleep so much. Cats are often regarded as lazy pet animals, as they are less active and sleeps as much as two times than humans. This is exactly the reason why most first-time cat owners feel frustrated with their pet – as they can’t always play around with it. Though their sleeping hours may vary depending on their age, nature, and size, an average pet cat can sleep as much as 13 to 16 hours per day. That equals to about 2/3s of their entire lifetime.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats Sleep So Much

The answer for this question is yet to be discovered. However, the obvious reason for this is, cats whatever their breed is, are crepuscular type by nature, which means, they are usually active at dawn and dusk. Many cat owners even assume their pet is nocturnal, as they’re already awake very early in the morning. But the truth is that, most cats spend their nights sleeping.

You can actually trace this behavior from their origin. Before cats were domesticated, they were originally hunters. They are natural predators of smaller animals like rats, rodents even birds and bugs. Because their prey is active in day time, they wait for the evening to catch them. When they’re not hunting however, they take long or even plenty of naps.

Why Do Cats always Sleep

Today, more and more cats are taught to live indoors, which results to change of sleeping patterns to compliment with their owners. They usually sleep or take naps when their owners are away. However, for some reasons like boredom, they spend their idle hours sleeping.

If your problem with your feline friend is that you can’t play and bond with it because its always sleep, or they tend to stay up very late at night, the best thing you can do is to keep it up more during day time. You can easily do this by spending time with your pet playing, or give them toys they can play with like yarn ball.

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Each cat has its own sleeping pattern, depending on its environment, the way it was brought up, breed, age, size, etc. and most of them want to stick with it. It is very important to take note of your pet’s sleeping pattern, as excessive or less sleep can be a sign of a health problem. The moment you discover abnormal change with your cat’s sleeping schedule, you should take your pet to its vet as soon as you can.

If your non pedigreed cat is showing a sign of lethargy or loss of interest in things that usually fun, or loss of appetite, then your cat must be ill. If your feline friend gets so much less sleep than its normal, then it can be a sign of a hyperthyroid problem.

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