Singapura Cat Breed Info, History, Personality and Care

Singapura cats have a friendly character and they are very sensitive too. The female kittens are usually small in size and the males are medium in size. The female kittens are in small size, and have a well developed muscular body. The neck of these cats is long and strong. The skull bone is round and the nose is curved with a concave shape.

Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat

The chin in these cats is well developed and its bone structure is well developed as well. The eyes are large, round and colorful. They tend to have dual eye color which are yellow or green. The ears are broad and are slightly inclined at an angle at the top with a slight taper.

The body is very streamlined and muscular. Also the body has an unusual color patterns which are similar to that of cheetah. The color of the body coat is a brownish ivory or even golden ivory color. The tail of these cats is proportionate to its body size. The legs are oval and are small in size. The paws have five toes in both the front and back side.

The Singapura cats do not require much care, they are very affectionate to their owners. The most distinct trait of the Singapura cat is that they do not have a long fur coat. Rather their coat is very dense and short. The fur color changes with the age, when they mature its coat becomes darker.

Singapura Cat Breed History

Singapura Personality

The Singapura’s name comes from the Malaysian word for Singapore, which incidentally is the origin for this breed. This breed was first found on the streets of Singapore. This breed was found in the Singapore by Tommy and Hal Meadow, originally US citizens who were breeders, they went to Singapore on a work schedule, but ran into this beautiful cat.

They returned to US with three cats, two males and a female named Tickle, Tes and Puss’s. In 1981, a breeder visited Singapore and found another cat of this breed and took it to the US to breed as well. Just like many other breeds, there is controversy surrounding over the origin of this breed.

In 1987 an American breeder named Jerry Mayes found some import documents which showed that three cats were imported from Singapore to the US in 1974. The imported cats were registered as Abyssinian. This created a huge doubt because The Meadows, claimed they discovered the Singapura breed. The Singapura also looked similar to some Abyssinian breeds. So doubts where raised over the origin and CFA started investigating what facts where correct, the investigation was later dropped.
There were genetic studies carried out recently with the DNA of the Singapura breed and it showed that the Singapura is very similar to some Burmese breeds.

Singapura Breeding

Singapura Kitten

Singapura kitten are found throughout the islands of Singapore . When research on this breed of cats was done the brown color was due to a lack of a dominant gene which is responsible for the black color of the original parent.Then researchers were trying to find a way to remove the gene that is responsible for the black color fur, but attempt where unsuccessful. Finally they found out that the agouti gene is responsible for the golden ivory color of the Singapura kitten.

Then researchers worked on the ways to suppress the dominance of the non-agouti gene. In 2002, the researchers then found out other ways to suppress the non-agouti gene and the dominance of agouti gene which made kittens come out with golden ivory fur coat color.

Finally researchers worked out a way to breed the Singapura without any mistakes. Sometimes the agouti dominant gene may be displayed in kittens making them come out with a black fur coat. But these kittens can be bred with a Singapura to get dominant agouti gene. So, even when incomplete dominant gene suppresses the agouti gene, the cat can be used to produce a Singapura.

Singapura Breed Profile

The Singapura breed is a breed that displays tons of affectionate and has a playful towards their masters and other members in the household.

The unique features of the Singapura breed is their size, incidentally they are the smallest domesticated cats and hold the Guinness Book of Records, record for being a small breed of cat. Another feature is the goldfish brown color in their ivory colored coat, the length of hair is short. The cat is light with their weight ranges from 5 to 8 pounds.

The size of males and females are nearly the same but males have a slight edge over the females in the size.The cat looks well-built with legs that are strong and have oval-shaped paws. They have a rounded head, large eyes and ears, squared muzzles with a blunt nose. The Singapura’s eye colors are green, yellow and hazel.

The Singapura and American Curl is very active throughout its lifespan. These cats are witty, intellegent and are very affectionate and love to interact with their masters.

Singapura Kitten Care


Singapura kittens do not require much care when compared to the other kittens of other breed types. Their coat is very short and do not need much grooming a regular bath and brushing will do. The grooming of these cats make them looks beautiful. Also the ears should be swabbed in order to remove the dirt that gets settled in the ear.

Veterinary check-ups are required throughout the cats life, especially when the cat is a kitten to prevent it from getting any type of disease or virus which may cause health problems.

Special care should be taken when feeding these cats when they are kittens, they need to maintain a good diet and have plenty of water available. After adolescence they can be fed a normal diet. They require a minimum amount of cals of food per day, the amount fed should depend on the weight of the cat, but consult with a veterinarian for proper feeding amounts.

The Singapura cats should be bathed regularly in order to achieve good hygiene. Brusing should also be done on a regular bases, this is to prevent knots with the cats fur coat.

Singapura Physical Traits

The Physical traits of this cat is its small body structure, relatively larger eyes and ears. The Singapura breeds hold the Guinness record for the smallest domesticated cat breed. This breed is cautious, playful and affectionate in nature.

The Singapura’s head is round with presumably large eyes and ears. The muzzle is squared and broad, the nose has a blunt shape. The males are bigger than the females but not by much.

The average weight of an adult male Singapura is around 6 to 8 pounds while the female Singapura weighs around 5 to 6 pounds. The body structure is medium in size and is very flexible. Paws are oval in shape. The tail length is proportionate but it is very weak. The most important physical characteristic its fur coat. The coat is silky smooth and lies closely to the body.

The coat color are dark or sepia brown color while the overall body color should be old-ivory or off white. The abdomen and chest area’s are solid ivory or off white. The cats bone-structure is proportionate to the cats size. The cat may look small but at the same time it looks exquisite and with its physically traits makes this breed very attractive. Also they tend to do a lot of mischief if not given proper attention, but at the same time they are very playful.

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