Ragdoll cats are among the most beautiful and adorable cats known

It has been known seen since time that man’s favorite companion has always been a creature who has no less than four feet. Dog being the favorite in this regard the cat are the second most common animal kept as pet by human beings. In fact cats are mostly liked by women who often call these quite, lovable and wise creatures as their best friends. Cats are a canine mate that can be your pet and even friend at times. There are several breeds of cats known but most commonly the cats are differentiated as the domestic variety and the wild/hybrid ones. The domestic variety cats are usually kept as pets at home.

Ragdoll cat

It has often been said that the time an individual spends with a cat playing or just watching is never wasted for just gazing at this mysterious creatures is enough to send a sense of strange feeling through the onlooker. One such variety that is a hybrid one is the Rag doll cat breed. Believed to be originated in 1965, they are known to be developed by a breeder from America who was Ann Baker. One of the favorite breed of cats in America these are known to have taken birth from a cat named Josephine who was a mix of the white Persian and Angora cat.

The kittens, which were born had a very gentle disposition and a loving nature and hung limply on the arm when picked up so they were deciphered as the Ragdoll cats. Prized for the non-matting coat that is long, the Ragdoll cat breed are uniquely known for their large-bony structure especially seen in the male cats.

The Ragdoll cats breed occur in many colors but presently the main ones are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream and red, also are they available in the Tabby and Tortie pattern. Also, some breeds are found in bicolor, mitted and color point variety. A laid-back personality, the Ragdoll cats possess eyes that are blue in color and are a prominently unique trait.

Having big paws, the Ragdoll cat breed are usually strong and large cats weighing around 15-20 pounds for the males and not less than 10-15 lbs for females. Usually slower than other breeds in the maturation process, the Ragdoll cat breed acquires the full coat color not until they reach the age of two years. They reach their full size only when they have grown up to four years in age.

The long, thick coats they possess make it a necessity to use a steel comb regularly for brushing them so as to prevent the fur from tangling. Being very sociable, special care should be taken and the Ragdoll cat breeds should never be left alone and when the humans at the home need to go out for a couple of hours these Ragdoll cats should be usually left in the company of another kitten to ensure their safety completely.

Although a healthy breed of cat but like the others it needs care and affection to stay healthy. The one very unique nature of Ragdoll cat breed is that they are extremely docile and simply love to be cuddled and held closer to one’s body. Usually not too disturbed by the new environment they get easily adjusted and get on well with other cats and even dogs already pets at their new home.

Strictly an indoor animal, the Ragdoll cat breed wishes to share with you everything you do and love to spend time with their owners. More of a companion or friend than just any pet, the Ragdoll cat require lots of love and affection, which they payback in the form of an unconditional love and their playful nature.

Ragdoll cat breeders

The Ragdoll cats are creatures that will sure captivate you with their deep blue eyes easily. The big bony structured body and the larger size the Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a part of the pet list of most of the well know cat breeders worldwide. The most gentle and easy gong of all the other breeds, the Ragdoll cats are very affectionate and friendly to the family who takes these cute, adorable creatures home.

The Ragdoll cat breeders can actually help you get the cat or kittens you have always dreamed of as a companion at home for everyone in the family. With the Ragdoll breeders, finding the actual cats you are looking to breed can be easily found. Best known for their docile and lovable temperament, these Ragdoll cats are often the gentlest and hence part an important member of most cat breeders. Also, there are some special breeders know that breed just the Ragdoll variety and are called the Ragdoll cat breeders.

People often visit the Ragdoll cat breeders to find cats, which is compatible and dependable and also easily adjustable in the new environment with the new members. The Ragdoll are very easy going breed of acts actually get along quote well with not just other cats but even dogs easily and quickly. Cats like human beings, and having their own individual needs and personality are very differing from each other, while the one variety of cat may find it comfortable to some factors the others may not adjust in the same easily.

Breeding cats may although be considered a part time job that sounds and looks easy, but remember it is an expensive hobby that requires not just your time in ample but also lot of work. So, if fully ready to work for a job that will pay you not in green as, then only go ahead with cat breeding. The Ragdoll cat breeders although little fortunate on this front yet do not enjoy the freedom fully, for Ragdoll cats are after all cats.

The main goal of every breeder whether the Ragdoll cat breeder must be to better the line of existing cats they are working and breeding so as to minimize the health problems in these cute pets. So, go ahead for cat breeding is although time consuming but a pleasurable experience and with Ragdoll as your choice finding the one you are looking for is not at all daunting.

Ragdoll cats allergies

Ragdoll cats like all the other cat breeds develop allergies but the frequency of developing these is quiet less than the other breeds. Cat allergies are in fact known to be the most common of any allergies occurring in human. There are many humans who are allergic to cats and not just of there fur but also the dander shed and the saliva of these animals.

Ragdoll cats

Being very unique and special in their temperament the Ragdoll cats are also differing in their beautiful ways and their grace, which is amazing. But, the bottom line is that they are still felines and are cats after all and anyone who is allergic to cats will suffer the same from even a cat who is of the Ragdoll variety. For, although unique in their characters but they are similar to all the others for humans.

When the allergic reaction to cat occurs that means the immune system is reacting against the saliva/dander of fur of the cats, this finding goes the same for even the Ragdoll cats. The body finds these proteins or things as foreign pathogens and thus starts developing symptoms known as allergic symptoms to them.

Although prized with a thick coat the Ragdoll cats shed very little compared to all other breeds and also lack what is called an under coat. Thus helping the owner get the housekeeping done easily the main allergic component in them in the protein that is present in there saliva and dander. So, no one can rule out the fact that Ragdoll cats like any other cat variety can cause allergic reactions in humans.

The Ragdoll cat although requiring much less care than the other breeds require no grooming at all and also shed very little. Thus, saying that they are less susceptible to cause and allergy but not totally free from the same is also very true.

So, if you experience wheezing, sneezing, coughing, breath shortness and watery eyes at home especially when the cat is around then you probably are one of those individuals who is allergic to cats. So, take decongestants and antihistamine dugs to cure the existing symptoms of the allergy your body may have developed as an immune reaction.

Following what the doctor says if you are allergic to cats is what you must then practice to minimize discomfort and troubles. All in all, being very lovable, extremely docile and a great companion but the bottom line is that the Ragdoll cats are cats and can cause allergies to humans like the all others.

Ragdoll cat kittens

Ragdoll cats are among the most beautiful and adorable cats known. Blessed with beautiful blue eyes that simply captivate there spectator in just the very first look easily, these are the gentlest, hug-gable and most easy to breed variety of cats known.

Ragdoll cat kittens

The Ragdoll cats kittens are still the cuter creatures for being smaller they are easily adjustable into the new environment. Unlike the adults Ragdoll cats that are huge when properly bred the Ragdoll kittens are very small and remain in the growing stages until they reach the age of 4 years. When they are known as Ragdoll cats and not Ragdoll cats kittens.

When seeking to buy a Ragdoll kitten for your home make sure that the kittens have received all the age-apt vaccines before actually being bought for these are a necessity to ensure that the kittens grows into healthy adults and also remains free of all major the complications for life.

The Ragdoll cats kittens are available in many colors and patterns but little slow in the maturation process as compared to other cat breeds they attain the full coat color only when they have attained the age of two years.

The Ragdoll cat kittens are usually creatures that are easily sociable and friendly and thus adjust quite easily with the new home and its member’s even pets who have been the family’s part since long. The kittens like the adult cats are very relaxed, affectionate and intelligent in their nature and are usually indoor creatures who are not very comfortable when outside. But one thing, which these Ragdoll cat kittens differ from others, is that they cannot stay at home when the humans are not there and need a company in the form of other kittens. So, if you are leaving the house for long try bringing the kitten a companion to ensure its safety and wellbeing.

The Ragdoll cat’s kittens if looked after carefully and given timely vaccination carry the lowest possible risks of disease or nay other health dilemmas. The cat’s kittens need some extra care then the adults in the form of timely food and water, which is clean and hygienic. So, if actually looking to bring a new member home in the form of a Ragdoll cat kitten make sure that it gets that acre and affection it needs to grow into an adult that is happy and healthy.

So, with so many homeless Ragdoll cat kittens out there and you honestly trying to give one a shelter at your home then you are actually doing a great thing of virtue and humanity.

How much do Ragdoll cats cost ?

Ragdoll have been the favorite among pet owners since the time they first arrived on the scene. Their beautiful appearance along with their amiable and friendly nature makes them favorite among all cat owners. Because of these characteristic Ragdoll cats are often expensive although the price may vary with certain other factors. The price may range from $ 400 to anywhere in the range of $ 1000. The other factors which influence this breed’s price along with its special characteristic are the location, breeder and the cat quality.

Ragdoll cats serious

Most cat breeders normally possess two kinds of cats- the pet Ragdoll cat and the show Ragdoll cat. While the pet Ragdoll cat will be available for less the cats which are specially bred for the show purposes are well over $1000. Pet cats need not be less than the show quality cats in any respect but the latter fetch more prices because of their desirable bloodlines and the perfect physical features. As this breed is almost every time in demand, the breeders fail to have them for sale. This fact also adds to the Ragdoll cat price and many breeders may try to sell sick and malnourished cat and make easy money.

It thus becomes necessary to check the breeding facilities from where one is buying the Ragdoll cat. Registered breeders have their cats in good and healthy condition. Cats which are raised in with their mother and in company of other friendly cats will be a docile pet. Ragdoll cats mostly are happy living in any size of accommodation; they will follow you everywhere whether you are in a studio apartment or in a mansion. They love being around kids and this makes them a favored cats to be around kids. This factor also works to increase the price of this breed of cat.

Owing to the price many people may want to change their decision of buying this cat, but the price you pay for buying a Ragdoll kitten would be an investment which will provide you with a faithful companion for all your life. Ragdoll cost may cost more than other breed of cats but they are worth the price you will spend on them. Do not opt for show quality cats if you do not want to flaunt them, pet cats are as good as them and will be a lovely companion. There are many online sites also which can help you find you Ragdoll cat.

Do Ragdolls cats shed ?

All cats and dogs shed their hair and so you should not be very surprised to find hairs on your furniture. But with Ragdoll cat you can be sure that you would not have to face this problem a lot. Ragdoll cats help you in this respect as they require less grooming as compared to other breed of cats. Many people think that Ragdoll does not shed at all. But this is not a fact, in reality they do shed but less in comparison with other cats. The semi-long coats of Ragdoll cats being mat resistant require very little care. Grooming is required just once or twice a week.

Beautiful Ragdoll cats

The Ragdoll cat fur is different from other cats in respect that it is rabbit like. The coat of these cats is silky and plush and can be combed with a steel comb. This grooming will remove tangles and also the loose hair. The Ragdoll cats will shed their hair in the shedding season, so the pet owners should be ready to find some loose hairs on their furniture in fall and summer. But owing to the hair being soft it is very easy to clean the Ragdoll cats’ hair as they do not get into the surface and can be wiped off easily.

While brushing the hair during the shedding season, one should be careful as to not brush aggressively as it may damage the fur coat.

Ragdoll cats are one of the favorite breeds of cats for the pet owners owing to their friendly nature and cute appearance along with the reason that they shed less unlike other cats. But if due to some reason the Ragdoll cat shed a lot, one can use some steps to control this process. Shedding can be reduced by bathing the Ragdoll car regularly as it helps to clean the fur and also remove the oil accumulation. There are many cat shampoos which are formulated for their skins and which may also help in controlling shedding.

Most Ragdoll cat does not complain when you groom them if you have developed the habit while they were kittens. Any cat will shed their hairs but with some care and by keeping the fur clean this problem can be solved to a great extent. Shedding is not something unusual and is a characteristic of most fur animals, but the Ragdoll cat can certainly prove a better act in this and many more respects.

Food for Ragdoll cats

All pets need healthy food containing all nutrients to help them grow healthily. The Ragdoll cat also need special food which will help them grow up healthily. While kittens may need different food initially but as they grow they will eat the normal cat food. The foods for Ragdoll cat can be classified into three categories- moist, dry and semi-moist food. Each of this food type will have some advantage for your cat though they may need them at different stages of growing up. Ragdoll kitten mostly need a combination of moist food and the whole breast milk.

The kittens ideally should take only breast milk for their first 4 or 5 weeks. This milk includes all the antibodies and nutrients that would aid in a healthy growth.

The Ragdoll kittens should be then introduced to moist foods which are easy to digest for their delicate digestive system. Canned food can be given to kittens after mixing with water. The food should be warmed before giving to the kittens. As the kittens grow further it is good to introduce dry foods. Dry food helps in developing the chewing muscles of Ragdolls cat and also has the right mix of fat and protein. The moist food contains three-quarters of moisture and also same proportion of fat as well as protein.

There are available in either meat or fish form or as a mix of vegetable and meat. The mix moist food should be given to the Ragdolls daily while the meat or fish only variant only as special treats.

Semi-moist food is also preferred by many cats and is full of nutrients. As Ragdoll cats are not particularly active and mostly remain indoors feeding too much can have them gain weight which is not at all healthy. These cats should be given a balanced diet and clean water to drink. Giving the cat too much of any food can cause diseases.

Too much of fish can give way to yellow fat disease. Some Ragdoll cats may be intolerant to milk and thus they can be given some replacement. Cat foods of good brands will be good for the Ragdoll cats. Though occasional treats are good but mostly they should be kept on a regular diet. Food for dogs and for human is very different from the cat food and thus Ragdoll cats should be given cat food only. A healthy food will help the Ragdoll cats live longer and also healthily.

Ragdolls cats care

Ragdolls are the most amiable pet one would want to have with them. They can be the best buddies and just love to stay in a company. But like all pets these cats also need a lot of care and love. As these cats love company they will be with you everywhere and follow you to all corners of your home. Ragdolls cats are perhaps the most affectionate of all cat breeds and often grow up to be large cats. Getting a Ragdoll kitten or buying a grown –up cat will require equal care although you may need to have more time to look after a kitten.

Funny Ragdoll cat

A good diet will not only keep your Ragdoll healthy but also help it to live longer. High quality cat food is recommended for these cats. For kittens milk is also essential and though large cats need to be given food in moderation, tiny ones need to have lots of food to help them grow. A Ragdoll can also be fed wet food though it is not compulsory. They should always have clean water to drink. Ragdolls shed less hair than other cats but still they do need grooming at least once a week, though twice a week will keep their knots at bay. Use as steel comb for grooming. Bathing your Ragdolls once or twice a year is enough for them. But you should not skip their bath if they get particularly dirty.

Routine checkouts of you Ragdoll at the veterinarian will help any diseases to be diagnosed early. Vaccinations are also important for your pet to enjoy a fuller life. Vets can advice on the right flea treatments and also on preventive medicines for your cat. Timely care will add many years to your beloved Ragdoll and is sure a much needed step in their proper care. Ragdolls are very trusting by nature and are such not fierce. They should be this kept indoors which will not only save them from attacks by other pets or stray animals but also save them from accidental death or other infections. If you take them outside take proper care that they are safe and do not vanish anywhere.

Ragdolls ask for more affection than other cat breeds. Playing and cuddling with them will make them feel loved. Good care will keep you pets healthy and also happy. Ragdolls are not trouble makers and thus just taking care of their basic requirements will be sufficient care for them.

How long do Ragdoll cast live

Ragdolls are perhaps the most adorable cats around and they have been a favorite among all pet lovers. They are usually set apart owing to their large size and their amiable nature. All per owners wish that they pet live long and also remain healthy and free of allergies. The life of a Ragdoll generally ranges from 15 to 25 years though there are many factors which determine the age of these cats. The medical history of the cat is an important aspect in determining how long will it live, if the cat has been healthy throughout it will live more than its counterparts.

The activity levels of the Ragdoll along with the diet they take are also taken into consideration. Some Ragdolls live healthily for as long as 30 years. How long will particular breed will live is often calculated on the basis of their genetics. Ragdolls are as such genetically healthy and they therefore may live longer than most cats who suffer from regular illness. While Ragdolls do not like to involve in many fun activities and are not a fussy companion at almost all times, but many cats suffer from accidental death. Keeping an eye on your Ragdoll that it does not slip out often without you accompanying it will keep them safe from accidents and also attack from other animals. This will surely increase the life span of your loving pet.

Most of the cats may often suffer from cancers or parasites which make them ill. Spraying or neutering the Ragdoll will keep all infections off, thus helping them live longer than other cats. Most of the pets will eat whatever you give them, but, over-feeding you pet Ragdoll will make it prone to many diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Keep an eye on your pets’ weight and monitor their diet. Engage them in physical activities and see them live longer. Cats like humans need proper medical care. Regular visit to a vet is instrumental in helping your Ragdoll stay healthy and live long. Vaccinations and regular check-ups for your Ragdoll should be an important activity in your planner.

Ragdolls like all other cats need love and care. If you give them good diet and also take their cars as a family member they will certainly live longer. Ragdolls are a docile breed of cats and studies have shown that proper care and love adds many years to your beloved pet.

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