Cats And Why You Should Have Them As Pets

When it comes to choosing a type of pet, certainly, there are a lot of options available. You can go for the most typical yet well-loved dogs, furry and fuzzy small animal like guinea pigs, hamsters, or rabbits, chatter-less fish, singing birds, or the most exotic selections such as scorpions, snakes, or spiders. The choice highly depends on your preferences.


But there is something missing? How about cats? They are familiar animal companions and one of the most popular pet choices. But why should you have them as pets?


Of course, you have all the right reasons to bring a cat home. You don’t only have an instant furry friend but a well-rounded pet that embodies all the best qualities of other pet animals. But more than just a personal preference, a cat is a great addition to your home for a number of reasons. They give positive vibes to you, your family, and your house.


Effective House Defenders

gray cat

Unlike dogs, cats are not exactly a guard-type of pet. They don’t bark,  growl, or have innate aggressive signals that prevent thieves from entering a house. If there were cases when cats did act like dogs, then those would probably be rare instances.


Although cats neither bark nor chase people, they have unique qualities that make them stand out from other pets. For instance, while they are not exactly an effective house guard pet, cats can protect our homes in other ways.


Cats are highly known to be excellent pest terminators, which is a very good reason to welcome cats into your home. With their sharp claws and flexible reflexes, they can easily catch insects and rodents that cause irreversible damages on your properties.


And if you happen to dread snakes, then it’s helpful to own a cat. Did you know that cats can actually fight garter snakes and similar species? You should also take note that these feline creatures can go against poisonous snakes. Their flexibility and speed make cats a formidable opponent. But in a more realistic sense, it’s definitely going to be a deadly match.


Low-maintenance Pets

American Curl Kitten

American Curl Kitten

Keeping a pet comes with a responsibility. You don’t bring one home just for the sake of having a pet. Like us, animals have their own needs, and we should be able to provide those needs for them. That means spending our time, effort, and money; all for them because we love them, right?

But if you are the type who doesn’t like to spend on so many things, then you’d know the right pet to get. Yes, cats don’t need so many things. Food, water, and shelter are their basic necessities, and there is no question to that. But there are factors that make cats a low-maintenance pet.


First of all, you don’t need to walk them out at all. The only thing you must have is a litter box where they can do their business anytime. It is one of the reasons why pet lovers choose to adopt a cat because they don’t want the load of responsibility of having a dog.


Second, cats can survive even if you don’t talk to them. They don’t need too much attention, and they can sleep throughout the day without caring about anything. However, their impassiveness doesn’t mean that you should neglect them whenever you want to. In order for them to thrive well, cats need the love and affection of their owners.

Without enrichment, they get bored and act out. Worse still, cats who are starved of attention, love, and entertainment may suffer serious medical problems,” according to Dr. Eric Barchas, a full-time veterinarian based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


40 Greatest Reasons to Turn Your Home Into a Cat’s Refuge Infographic

Healthy Furry Buddy


Taking care of pets, in general, is proven to have health benefits. Therefore, bringing a cat home also means that you have a furry companion that keeps you physically and emotionally healthy.

An early exposure to pets can boost the body’s immunity. If you or your child is already exposed to fur and pet dander at an early age, then the resistance to allergens increases. As a result, the chances of acquiring allergies and respiratory problems like asthma goes down. Aside from that, cat ownership is also good for the heart. Medical studies revealed that owning a feline pet can lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of a heart attack by 40 percent, and reduces the chances of stroke by 33 percent.


Cats are calm animals, and such calmness triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that allows us to feel love and trust. When people are grieving or facing so many life challenges these furry animals become great companions. Reports suggest that talking to pets makes it easier for mourning persons to cope with the situation because there are no judgment and reciprocation. Moreover, children with autism feel more relaxed and become less anxious as they pet a cat, according to a study.


Natural Shield Against Negative Forces

Here is another reason why you should have a pet cat; not only do you have an instant house friend but also a shield that protects you from bad vibes. Unbelievable as it sounds, but it’s true.

Have you ever wondered why most witch-themed movies have cats? That’s because they have spiritual abilities that are not present in other animals. According to online journalist Amelia Bert, cats have an inner energy that allows them to connect to nonphysical worlds. They are able to sense and interact with things that are not visible to the naked eyes. They can also hear sounds that humans can’t hear.

But wait, there’s more. Cats are also known to have psychic powers. They have sixth sense and can perceive when a person is unwell or unhappy even if those persons are trying to fake it. In addition, they are able to sense natural disasters before we can see them.


And on a lighter note, cats can comfort their pet owners who are having nightmares. They wake you up by rubbing their faces or tapping their paws. Psychics believe that the animal’s astral energy can expel negative elements from your unconsciousness.


The Takeaway


So, after knowing the aforementioned reasons to have cats as pets, have you already thought of getting one? Well, the choice will always be yours, but do consider a feline friend; it may be the best idea.

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