American Wirehair Cat Breed Information, Personality, History & Care

American wirehair Breed History

American Wirehair Cat Breed

American Wirehair Cat Breed

In 1966, New York’s farmer bred his cat with its sister cat and obtained a very distinctive coat. This cat was then bred successively to finally obtain the American wirehair. The first obtained American wirehair was named Adam. But on further breedings wirehairs were not obtained. So the researchers used the American shorthair to breed along with the American wirehair, which resulted in semi wirehairs.

Then these semi wirehairs were bred with the first obtained wirehair to finally obtain a new breed of kittens. Also when two wirehairs were bred they did not result in wirehairs most of the time since the gene responsible for the wirehair is an incomplete dominant gene.

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Now they have finally established a strong note to produce wirehair cats. There are also non wirehairs produced which have an economic value since they carry the gene capable of producing wirehairs. The problem that existed in the breeding of the wirehairs was the gene responsible for the coat was a natural mutation that was difficult to duplicate.

Even now the complete breeding of wirehairs is not possible because of the naturally mutated gene. The researchers are still trying to find a better, artificial way to obtain the wirehairs. But their work is still in primary stage of producing the gene responsible for wirehairs.

The American shorthairs are now playing a major role in the production of the American wirehairs since the gene responsible for wirehair closely resembles to that of the shorthairs. But some of the cats bred through this method have different body conditions and shape and their bone structure differs.

American wirehair information

American Wirehair

In the year 1996 this rare species of American wirehair were first found in a barn litter in New York. The specific characteristic which differentiates this cat from the rest is their unique coat. The coat is actually a result of a natural mutation. These cats are well built, muscular cats and are also very pretty.
They are found to have a very good resistance to diseases and are also good producers. As they grow older there is a chance that their nature and behaviors will change. They are very gentle in nature and prefer to be indoors most of the time. They are also playful if they find the right company. They cooperate with their owners well and they are very kind to children while playing with them.

These breeds do not require much care as they inherently have a potential to resist disease but formal and regular grooming and regular check ups with the vet is essential. They can have different colored coats but since the nature of the hair is like wire they are very prone to oil secretions.

Under stress they can loose their hair, in such cases proper treatment should be given since some people are allergic to their fur.

American wirehair Breeding

The first American wirehair was obtained by a natural mutation of the gene in kittens. This newly obtained kitten was then analyzed. This mutation was due to an incomplete dominant gene. So the experts then bred the newly obtained variety with its parent to get the new breed named the American wirehair. But they didn’t get what they expected, they did not successfully breed an American Wirehair. So they continuously bred the new ones with their parents.

This was done to achieve in natural mutation in the gene responsible for the wiry hair. Then these breeds were allowed to breed with the American shorthairs. The American shorthairs are now used to produce American wirehair. These wirehairs produced are bred together to obtain dominant gene but that failed. So the researchers are now trying to artificially find a way to produce mutated gene.

The above research failed since the incomplete dominant gene was sometimes dominant over the mutated gene. Now the researchers have found a better way to produce the American wirehairs by breeding of the two previous generation of the American wirehair.

This results mostly in American wirehairs. When they fail to produce American Wirehairs that the new breed produced is used to produce American wirehair by breeding with American shorthair since it has dominant wirehair gene in it. But sometimes the species produced through this method may be very thin.

The researchers now work in finding out way to produce artificially mutated gene so that they can produce wirehairs at ease.

American wirehair Breed Profile

American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehairs first appeared in the farms of New York due to naturally occurring mutation in the gene responsible for the coat. To date, this mutation has not been reported in any other country other than the United States of America.

Basically this cat was established by the mating of two ordinary cat species and due to the mutation in the incomplete dominant gene, wirehair emerged. The characteristic changes seen in these cats are not only wiry hair but the coat is also distinct from others species. Some will not have wiry hair instead they have wavy or straightened hair patterns.

This is mainly due to the fact that the dominant gene from the parent has an upper hand over the mutated gene that is responsible for the wiry hairs in these species. Sometimes, the coat of certain species appears to be like ringlets due to improper mutation that occurred in the gene responsible for the wiry hair. In order to obtain a hard coat, the two species with dense and lengthy coat should breed.
Since this mutation did not occur in any other country, the researchers first thought that this was a result of cross between American shorthair and the usual farm cat. But this was later proved wrong.

Then the researchers used these shorthairs to produce American wirehairs. This spontaneous mutation in the gene is very rare since it has occurred naturally. So this breed is considered to be a unique breed of America. The exact breeding technique to produce American wirehair is not exactly known since the attempts to produce artificially modified gene failed. The researchers are still working on this.

American Wirehair Kitty as a Pet

Generally American wirehair can be thought of as the best of pets. They are very friendly animals and like to play with humans. Very little attention is required for these cats since they are very protective in nature. These cats are very humorous in nature and affectionate to their owners. They show very good temperament and do not harm other species or any other pets.

They are actually very few American Wirehair cats now. Their owners report that these cats do not require much care and are capable of taking care of themselves very easily. The cats can grow attached to people and other pets easily. The American wirehair is the perfect companion to older people since they do not require extra care. One benefit of the cat is that it does not attack new people in their environment.

This proves its temperament. These cats have an extraordinary capacity of understanding the feelings of the humans around them and are very sensitive to the emotions of people. They usually roam around with their owners and try to follow them and always want to be with them. This happens only when they are treated well in the beginning of their life and it becomes very close to its owners.

These cats are capable of identifying their owner’s voice and always give a different sound when they find a new person. Most of the information here is not scientifically confirmed yet and are only from the reports of the owners of this breed.

American Wirehair Kitty Personality Traits

The American Wirehair breed of cat is indigenous to American. It is a result of a spontaneous mutation. The wirehairs were first found in 1966 in New York. The coat is unique to this breed and separates it from all other breeds of cat. The personal traits of American Wirehair cats are relatively better than other breeds of cats.

Like any other breed, the temperament depends mostly on bloodline and upbringing. In general, this cat with a kinky kind of coat are considered to be sweet with a loving personality. Generally speaking they are playful but not hyperactive. They are also affectionate without being clingy.

They have a desire that they should become the part and parcel of your life. Because of this, they generally follow you from room to room and make sure that your activities are met with their approval. Wirehairs, in general don’t always like to be held and cuddled. Instead they prefer to be on the floor. Wirehairs have a playful nature, for which they are well known. They also have clown-like antics that attract everybody.

They prefer to be the center of attention. Their furious attacks on the catnip mice and great leaps to the tops of trees amuse everybody. Fanciers have noted that wirehairs seem to have feelings that are in coherence with their human feelings and hence offer companionship and comfort whenever their humans want.

They don’t accept strangers and adapt well to each and every member of the family which includes children and other pets. They are very people oriented. They can be reserved at times but overall they are playful.

American Wirehair Kittens

American wirehair Breeding

This wirehair breed is native to America but it is now found in almost all the parts of the world because of it’s unique nature and appearance.

The distinctive and attractive coat of the species is the main reason many people get this breed of cats. Their unique coat is because of a natural mutation which was a result of two farm cats in New York. Some of the American wirehair cats have very long hair in the early stages of their life. This long hair will curl or wave later in life.

The cats are found to have very good physical and social stability hence they are loved by many people. They are very sweet to handle and are not lap cats. Often times lap cats can give a lot of trouble to their owners because they are always demanding something from their owners. This breed loves to spend much of its time on the ground.

It is best to bathe the cat periodically to avoid skin problems because the wire hairs of the cat supports oily secretion. If the American wirehairs shed their hair in large amounts, then it is best to immediately give them proper treatment. If left untreated, it can cause irritation to those who suffer from respiratory track diseases. They are very playful cats and are very active too. Breeders will make the kitten available between twelve to sixteen weeks. They are the third variety of cat native to America.

American Wirehair Kitty Care

The American Wirehair doesn’t need much care when compared to the American Shorthair cat. Periodic grooming of the American wirehair is very important since it has lengthy wiry or curly hairs which are prone to oil secretions. These cats are also prone to skin problems such as allergies, so they need to be bathed periodically.

Grooming should be done very gently and carefully since excessive and strong grooming may damage the long wiry hair. The coat of these cats is dense but can be short and springy. The wax build up in the ears of these cats can occur often and should be cleared out regularly. If this build-up is not cleared it can lead to severe problems.

The American Wirehair does not need a specific diet and can have the same diet as most other varieties of cats. They should be provided with food containing minimal of 70kcal per kg weight of the cat daily. An indoor environment is best suited for these cats. An ideal situation is to allow them outdoors every once in awhile.When they are not allowed outside they can become stressed which can lead to hair loss. Another factor that can lead to hair loss is bad weather conditions, so make sure you only allow your cat outside when the weather is nice.

These cats enjoy being surrounded by people and like to play with them. The kitties require very little attention. Regular check ups with the veterinarian is advised as they can have allergies and are affected by diseases. If you take good care of the American wirehair they can live up to 20 years.

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