American Curl Kitten Information, History and Care

Go back a few decades and it was books that were considered to be the best companions of people, but now the trend has changed and people have started considering their pets to be the best companions. Even though bringing up a pet is not a difficult job, while selecting a pet, people are very cautious about whether that particular species and breed needs extra care from their owners and whether they are sociable pets. American curls cats are one such breed which passes in both the above restrictions which owners consider before picking up a new kitty.

American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat

American curls are affectionate, but at the same time they are not very demanding like some of the other types of pets. So those who are living in apartments and condominiums prefer having this variety very much since they do not disturb their surroundings. They are known for their remarkable type of ears which fold behind as they grow. In general, cats are not very active but these are found to be a little playful and easy going with their surroundings. The reporters state that they are extremely healthy varieties which do not require much care. If they become ill proper treatment is essential. But even that percentage of becoming sick is found to be very low. They are found to be both tempered and intelligent and the combination of these two characters are quite difficult to achieve. They are available in different shades like tortoise shell, tabby pattern, dual color etc., but the most dominant color is white.

American Curl Kitten Breeding Profile

Little American Curl

Little American Curl

Many know that American curl cats have curled ears. But they are not familiar with the concept of the changes that take place in the cats during their growth. The assumption that these curled ears are found at the time of birth is completely wrong. Initially, at the time of birth these ears are straight but the curling of ears begins when they are two weeks old and continues until they are 4 months old. Their ears bend back to the region of the skull bone and the bend may be from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The most important thing noticed is that in most cases the ear will not touch the back of the scull.

The cats with ears touching the bone are considered to be disqualified by the CFA since their standards for this breed does not support that. They are found to be very active, curious, genius, affectionate, and vocal. The first breed was identified in the year 1981 in Lakewood, United States. Then because of its growing popularity among the people it was considered as a standard breed by the CFA association in the year 1987. In 1993 CFA certified this breed as the champion of the year 1993. The name of the first breed is shulamith which means ‘black but comely’. As their name indicates they are very polite, friendly, and they are very good companions.

  • American Curl Kitten As A Pet

Pets are considered to be the best companion of human beings right from the olden age. Among that list man has great interest towards dogs and cats since they are found to be very friendly. Cats and dogs also cooperate with them to a greater extent than other types of animals. American curl cats are among those which are found to greatest extent in various parts of the world as pets. They are very friendly, elegant and graceful. They have the capacity of adjusting themselves to the surrounding environment without many disturbances to their owners.

American curls and Oriental Shorthair Cat are very sharp and intelligent and always note what is happening in their surroundings. They are not very talkative and only have a low voice. They do not approach their owners constantly demanding something. They are sociable pets and get along well with all types of people and other pets especially children .

They are found to be very playful. This is a suitable pet for those who are living in condominiums and apartments who can provide only a small area for their pets to play and move. Much care is not required for this type of breed since they are found to be an extremely healthy type of cat. But proper vaccinations and treatment in the case of health problems are considered to be essential. Occasional bathing and daily combing is necessary since cat hair is found to be little bothersom for those who have respiratory problems.

American Curl Kitty Breeding History

American Curl Kitten

American Curl Kitten

American curls are known for their curled ears around the globe. In 1981 the first breed of American curls was identified in a place called Lakewood in California, United States. Joe and Grace found these species in the street and they stared bringing up them. There were two cats with this type of unusual curl in the ears, one among was missing after sometime. They named the other one shulamith which means ‘black but comely’. It was actually the female one which was fully black in color. After two years shulamith gave birth to four kittens among which two possessed curled type of ears. Then after proper research they found that the curling of the ears is due to some type of mutation which was undergoing in this particular species.

Then in 1986 it was considered as a branded type of cat by CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association). They introduced some standards for breeding this variety of cat and they also quoted a standard physical trait of the American curls. Immediately after that registration they won championship in TICA (The International Cat Association) in 1987. Then many people started buying American curl kitties because of their polite look, sharpness, and ease of care. Then the familiarity of this species reached the crest and it acquired championship in 1993 by the CFA. Even today many prefer this American curls cat because they are fun loving and affectionate towards their owners. They are medium sized cats, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t strong.

American Curl Kittens

In this ultra fast world all of us are very busy and we don’t have time to spend with our dear ones. So those who felt very lonely started to prefer having pets like dogs, cat, etc for company. The American curl kitten is one such breed of cat that is very easy going and do not need much care while growing up. The special feature of this variety is that they have curled ears as their name indicates. This unusual type of ears attract many people to them.

At the time of birth they will have only small and straight ears but after ten days their ears will try to bend slowly and steadily towards the back of their skull bone. The full growth of the ear is attained within 4 months after which they will not grow or bend any more. These breeds are available in a wide range of colors and different pattern shades but most of the time the base color will be white and the next set of dominating colors will be black and brown shades. They are medium sized cats with a rectangular body and the range of matured cat’s weight is between 8 to 11 pounds. They are very affectionate towards their owners and they do not need much care either. American curls have a large and clear oval shaped eyes while in general all other species typically have only a round eye.

American Curl Care

Curl Kitten

Caring for pets is not a very easy job unless you are able to predict their needs by their behavior. If the owner is very friendly with their pets then in a very short time they can understand the language of the sweet pets by their behaviors. Just from the posture of your American curl cat you can predict their health. Cats are considered as master of balance and if you feel that they are loosing their balance then consult the doctor immediately since they are probably having serious heath problems. In the summer it is quite possible to acquire some skin disease, it is important that you make sure the pet is not suffering from these problems.

The smooth and silky coat will turn rough and patchy due to fleas. The fleas’ presence also indicates that there are chances their are worms inside the intestine of the cat. A balanced and nutritious diet will help them to recover quickly from these skin disorders. The ears of the cat must be always pink and clean. If you find any waxy secretions from the ears then check for the presence of ear mites. Often scratching and shaking of the head indicates the presence of the mites. The eyes are very large and they have a shiny and clear eye if they are healthy. If they are found to suffer from some disorders then the third eyelid layer will be in half open position instead of fully opened. The nose of the cat must be not dry at the same time not overly wet. If any discharge from the nose is noticed then proper treatment must be given to them.

American Curl Kitty Physical Traits

The physical traits of the American curl kittens are indeed more special than other type of cats due to their unique ears which are curled in nature. It is very soft due to the presence of long or thin hair which covers the entire body. It also has very attractive walnut shaped eyes which attracts people. The size of the eyes varies from medium to large size.

The legs which help them to move form place to place are of medium length, but are very strong and powerful. The back pair of legs are a little longer than the front pair in order to help them climb easily. Their physical characteristics are quite different than other breeds since they are very polite they are much preferred much by many people. Their tail is very large and bushy in nature and tapers along its edge. Their paws are only medium size and are round in shape. They have a long and wide head and the shape of the body is similar to that of a rectangle.

They are non muscular but the large hair mass present all over the body will give a false look as if they are huge cats. The quality of the breed is considered to be dependant on three important things. The primary factor is the parent cat and the secondary one is the type of breeder and the techniques handled by them. They are intelligent, very sharp and are very friendly with their owners.

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