Nutramax Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Cats Review

Nutramax Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for CatsNutramax is a well known brand of pet care supplements providing all types of chewable tablets, capsules and other pet food additives with the prices well above average. The Nutramax sprinkle capsules for cats are a new best seller. These capsules are still a number 1 hip and joint care for the felines. When it comes to cats, arthritis does affect the elbow joints very often so in case you see that your animal has become stiff and lethargic with swelling in the joints you need to take your cat to the veterinarian clinic. As your animal ages it loses the mobility and quality of life due to the less flexible joints.

As a vigilant pet owner you take good care of your cat making sure it is healthy, happy and undergoes regular checkups. But fear not, there are lots of modern supplements that can help your animal feel better. Nutramax Cosequin sprinkle capsules for cats are no doubt the leader of the market with the thousands of grateful pet owners. So what makes them so good? Read on to find out how these capsules might help your animal stay young and active.

Manufacturer Claims

Companies always try to praise their products making them look more attractive to the customer. So what does Nutramax claim about these capsules?

  • Cosequin helps maintaining the normal joint function.
  • It stimulates cartilage production and renews the existing cartilage.
  • It is the only joint and cartilage support supplement that is proven to be effective, safe and bioavailable via the controlled clinical research in the USA.
  • Manufactured following the standards similar to the pharmaceutical industry standards.
  • Shown to be safe for cats, providing cartilage while maintaining cats’ comfort level.
  • It is also recommended for the urinary bladder support.
  • It has natural tuna and chicken flavors.
  • The brand is the top recommendation of all veterinarians.

So far it sounds really good. But let us study the product in depth, and see if it is actually that good. Of course it is very ambitious to claim that the cat supplement is manufactured following the pharmaceutical industry standards and it is actually the only one completely save and bioavailable product for cats. We had to look deeper into the issue and make sure the manufacturer claims are not empty and there is an actual research behind them. After all if you pay $ 14.43 for the pet food supplement you better be certain it is worth the hype and the price mark.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Nutramax Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Cats

Nutramax Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Cats

Let’s look closer at why the pet owners trust this brand and give the supplement to their cats. After all no matter what, it is still the leader of the market way ahead of the competition.

Why customers love it:

  • It is easy to break the capsule apart and mix it into the cats food so you do not have to worry about making your pet eat it.
  • You will immediately notice the change in your cat’s behavior and its ability to get around.
  • Really helps animals with osteoarthritis.
  • It is safe for animals with kidney issues.
  • The bottles are tamper proof.
  • Visible gradual improvement starting with the first week.
  • Works well for the fish sensitive cats.
  • It is the only joint supplement approved specifically for cats.
  • It helps animals with urine bladder infections by strengthening the inner bladder layer that contains tissues similar to cartilage.

So for your money $ 14.43 you get 80 capsules giving 2 capsules per day to your animal. Do not forget to read though the instruction list and follow your veterinarian’s guidelines.

What you might not like about the product:

  • It contains no Methylsulfonylmethane thus it is useless for rheumatoid arthritis. And curing this disease will require a different supplement.
  • It has a specific smell.
  • It is more expensive than the competitor brands.

However the disadvantages are fairly small and once you consider them you will see that the product is still worth the hype and the trust.

Customer Reviews

Jhon 9/10

My cat has arthritis and maybe it is not an issue for some animal owners but I do not like it when an animal suffers. First I tried the GNC product but my cat was not fond of it. The capsules are just like your typical gel capsules easy to take apart. The powder than should be sprinkled onto the cat’s food. Comparing to my cat’s GNC chewable pills reaction it likes the Cosequin powder better. And the Cosequin quality is actually much better as well, my catcould not jump at all and now after a few months he is much livelier although he still has some troubles jumping. I am so happy to have my lively cat back, I felt devastated when I watched him suffer.

Ashley 10/10

Our 13 year old Cracker is not limping anymore. She has started to limp a little bit a few months ago and the veterinarian diagnosed early arthritis. He then suggested Cosequin food supplement and now the cat is as spry as it was when a kitten, chasing me and my man around the house. We have first noticed the difference after the two weeks of using the food additive. We gave her one capsule per day mixing it into her canned food. Now she is as lively as she was at 2 years old and we are happy she is such a wonderful playful and healthy cat.

William 8/10

My 14 y.o. cat is now moving around easier and feels much better than how it felt before taking one pill daily. Will definitely purchase again although it is a bit pricey for me.

Ethan 10/10

My Munchkin cannot go without it, if we are gone for a few days and it does not get the dosage it barely limps around the house.


If your veterinarian recommends you to try out the Nutramax Cosequin sprinkle capsules for cats you should definitely give it a go. In case you feel dubious and not certain if your animal likes it you can start with ordering just 30 pills for $ 8.96 and then order more product if you see positive changes and improvement in your cat’s vitality. Remember that the capsule contents should be released into your cat’s wet food. In case your animal is used to having dry food you might need to moist the food and then mix in the food additive. And remember that if you have a few animals you need to make sure that they eat separately so the one animal meant to take Cosequin has the entire supplement food mix for itself.

Don’t forget to send us your own opinion once you try out the product, you know it is always highly appreciated.

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