Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill for Cats Review

Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill for Cats Review

As a cat owner you probably stress out about the unwanted scratching and urine spraying. It is not that your cat is naughty trying to annoy you and purposefully ruining the furniture and making a mess out of the house. Spraying is a natural reaction to stress just like scratching. But there is a way to help calm down your cat as well as save you from constant cleaning and spending on the new furniture. Have you ever heard of the Comfort Zone diffuser with Feliway? Read on to find out how you can turn a naughty cat into a perfect pet.

What Is This Product?

Basically the Comfort Zone diffuser with Feliway is an odorless spray that is meant to mimic a cat’s natural pheromone. It dispenses an odorless and drug free vapor. This product is meant to signal your cat that the area is safe and friendly eliminating your cat’s desire to scratch and spray it. Just in case you have never heard about it I can remind you that cats rub their cheeks on the areas they feel safe in, this way they leave their facial pheromones in the area.

The product is clinically tested and proven to be effective for 9 out of 10 cats and active for 28 days. However you need to use the product for at least one month and the first calming effect will be noticeable after one week. The results will also depend on your cat’s personality, some react faster some slower. It is absolutely safe for the animal and proven to be 90% effective.

Comfort Zone diffuser with Feliway


This spray is really useful when you love your cat and want it to feel calmer and happier, it has numerous advantages:

  • Veterinarians approve it.
  • The product is clinically tested and proven to be 90% effective.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, in case you do not like the product you will get your money back.
  • Significantly reduces urine marking and scratching.
  • Safe for the animal mimicking its natural pheromone scent.

So as you can see the spray is really good and effective, one of the market leaders having thousands of loyal customers and happy cats. In case you are wondering about the disadvantages they are very few:

  • The product might be expensive with a diffuser kit price $ 24.99 and a 6-pack refill for it for $ 59.99.
  • It still takes about a week for a pheromone to start working.
  • It is only effective for 9 cats out of 10 so there is a small chance your cat won’t like it.

It does not matter if you prefer to use simple spray on your furniture or if you buy a plug in diffuser. In case you need to stop scratching use targeted spray on this area. And in case corner spraying is the major issue, do not forget to clean up the urine before applying the product to the area.

Customer’s Experience

Comfort Zone with Feliway Refill for Cats

There are dozens of positive reviews and happy customers with polite well-behaved cats.

Matthew 10/10

My wild uncontrollable cat has changed forever; we use three diffusers around the house. After about 2-3 months she has started to change, it was not scared of the strange noises or guests anymore. Now she is a much friendlier human loving cat and claws aren’t out every time someone pets her. We are now using one diffuser in the house and change it when needed. First the veterinarian recommended the Kitty xanax but she puked and got foamy at the mouth, we immediately stopped using it. Will definitely be buying the Comfort Zone spray more.

Olivia 9/10

We have two male cats, amazing animals, but after we had our son they both went crazy. One started to puke everywhere and the other one was spraying on everything, clean laundry was his top priority. One of our friends suggested trying out the Comfort Zone spray and it was the best 70 bucks investment in my life. In just a few minutes both cats were laying calmly on the couch. Eventually we have stopped using the spray as the cats got much calmer but had to come back to using it when a new neighbor with a cat moved in next door and it triggered our cats again. Now we cannot live without it.

Hannah 8/10

Always make sure you have the original Feliway, we have moved a few months ago and had to purchase the Comfort Zone spray knock off on the other site. It was a really bad cheap fake, the odor was disgusting, the diffuser was overheating and I was scared of leaving the house and it was doing very little for the cat. I thought I should just warn you to feel the difference because when the Feliway comes repackaged it is a totally different product.

Joshua 10/10

I actually think it works although I can never tell how exactly. I had to move into the new apartment recently and I had to prepare it with the Comfort Zone spray before moving my cat. She was not happy about it but she did not try to urinate, which is her favorite way of self-expression. She has had a history of uncontrollable urination that stopped with the Feliway spray so I do believe this spray helps change her attitude.

Abigail 9/10

I desperately needed a cat urine relief. This product eliminates the anxiety that causes the urine relief but the product is a bit pricey for me, especially if you need to cover a bigger area of the house. Another tip is trying to put the cat food bowl next to the spot that he sprays it might discourage your cat from spraying the area. This might be enough to stop the urination.

Why You Need To Try It

Any cat might have temper tantrums or period of continued stress that is why it is best if you have at least a portable Comfort Zone with Feliway spray. Use it in case you’re travelling with the cat or when staying in the new place. This way your cat will feel much calmer in the new stranger area.

And of course if you have more than one cat the Feliway will help stop the tensions and conflict. Apply both diffusers and spray if the cats keep on scratching and urinating. Apply spray in the spots they like to urinate and scratch and use diffusers to cover all the indoor area. Or you can use the diffuser in the room where both cats live. Now you know how to turn your cat into an angel and save yourself from the headache. The product is well worth the investment.

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