5 Dog Haircuts Myths That Prevent Your Dog From Looking Good And Healthy

There are several myths that make pet owners think they can do without dog haircuts. But if you look deeper into the issue you will see that dog haircuts are as necessary as feeding, walking and bathing your pet. Dog haircuts are one of the most important parts in a dog grooming process. Ignoring it may cause dog health problems and affect skin condition. In addition to that your pet will look and feel not very nice and pleasant. Dog haircuts should be done on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the breed, the type of the dog’s coat and functions dog haircuts should perform.

Dog Haircuts Myths

Dog Haircuts Myths

Among some general myths concerning dog haircuts you may find the following:

  • Dog haircuts should be done only for show dogs.

A vast majority of people tend to thing that different dog haircuts are a characteristic feature only of the dogs which are going to be shown. All those fancy dog breed haircuts are beyond any doubt an integral part of a dog grooming contest. Though it doesn’t mean at all that you shouldn’t give your own dog a hair cut. He also needs a little scissor adjustment and care every now and then. Simple grooming and haircuts for home dog will differ a little from a Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu dog grooming.

Usually dog haircuts depend on the breed and hair type. There are certain dog breeds that are prone to shed hair in much smaller amounts than other breeds. They require special grooming.

Kerry Blue Terriers, Bedlington Terriers, Rat Terriers and Poodles should be regularly cut. Wire-haired Terriers and Schnauzers require trimming. Cutting and trimming should be performed once in 2 to 3 months.

Long-haired dogs such as Chihuahua, Skye Terrier, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terrier should be thoroughly brushed. Otherwise their glossy silky hair will become an entire horrible mess.

Brushing is quite enough

  • Brushing is quite enough to maintain dog hair in a perfect condition.

Brushing certainly plays its important role in trimming our dog. It may reduce the frequency of dog haircuts as well as dog bathing. But it will be a mistake to come to nothing more than only brushing. Long hair without proper grooming become tangled and matted quite easily. Eventually this will lead to the necessity to cut it all off your dog. Moreover, all these tangled tufts impede a normal conditioning of your dog’s skin. It goes without saying that long untrimmed hair can become a harbor for fleas, ticks or lice as well as dirt and other debris.

  • Dog haircuts can be done only in professional dog grooming salons.

It’s generally thought any dog grooming procedures should be performed in dog salons. They have all the necessary grooming equipment and a professional staff. But sometimes it might be a problem to take their service. Especially when you are short of time and means. As for the haircuts, of course, it is advisable to consult a professional groomer. But still it doesn’t forbid you to perform some basic haircuts at home. All you need is a little time, desire and sure love for your pet.

There is plenty of information on DIYdog grooming. It will help you learn how to groom your dog. You can find some useful advice from professional breeders and experienced pet owners. They will tell you how to look for your dog’s coat as well as nails and teeth etc.

  • Dog haircuts should be performed only by professional groomers.

Much is true. If you are a complete dilettante in dog grooming, especially in dog haircuts, it is a good idea to entrust your pet to a professional. But if you wish to express your creativity you can perform dog breed haircuts for home. For this purpose you will need some basic grooming supplies. They should include trimmers or dog grooming clippers, scissors for cutting hair, a set of different brushes and combs, bathing supplies.

You might also need a floor cloth, a broom and a bag for the excess hair. It will be better if you choose a metal fine-tooth comb. Try to avoid brushes made of synthetic material. They may cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Use brushes which are not too thick but tough enough. It allows them to go deep into the dog’s coat and remove all the dust and dirt. As for the grooming clippers you can pick corded or cordless. If you are afraid of cutting too much of the dog’s hair it’s no longer a problem. Snap-on combs will come in handy to you. You choose the right size and attach the comb to a clipper. In the end you will get a precise even cut exactly of this size.

You cannot give your dog a hair cut without special training

  • You cannot give your dog a hair cut without special training.

Performing dog haircutsis not an easy occupation. It may be rather challenging and requires much time and effort. But still it IS possible. You should approach this procedure with all the responsibility you have. Your first dog haircut may be as thrilling as when giving him his first bath.

The first and easy thing you can do is to go web surfing. Visit a DIY dog grooming site. Beside other useful grooming contents there you can find pictures of dogs with funny dog haircuts. Watch dog grooming video to learn how to use clippers and other supplies.

So, if you are acquainted with some typical myths on dog haircuts, you can avoid many difficulties connected with cutting your dog’s hair at home. Moreover, you can get some benefits out of it. What you should know is that dog haircuts should be done to ALL breeds of dogs, and not only to show dogs. Some of them require cutting or trimming on a regular basis.

Simply brushing dog’s hair is not enough to keep it in a good condition. Ignoring certain rules regarding dog haircuts may do a considerable harm to your pet’s skin and health on the whole.

If you have enough time and means, you can drive your pet to a dog grooming salon and let a professional groomer do his job. But you can also learn some basic DIY dog grooming and perform dog haircuts yourself.

If you had no special training on how to do dog haircuts spare some time surfing on the web. All this will make your dog grooming experience more pleasant and less tiring. You will be able to perform the best dog haircuts. And the final result will be a reward to you and your pet!

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