40 Interesting facts about cats that will surprise you

If you’re looking for interesting facts about cats then you came to the right place. We have prepared the most fascinating facts for you which will amuse or maybe even surprise some of you. So, let’s get down to our “feline” facts!

suspicious cat

suspicious cat

1. Cat ears consist of 32 muscles, they regularly use twelve of them.
2. Cats can rotate their ears on almost 180 degrees, so be careful when telling secrets in their presence.
3. Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times more acute than those humans have. Therefore, if you forget the sausage in your bag – even if it is securely wrapped in a plastic bag – you may be sure your pet will find it.
4. Average life expectancy of a domestic cat is 15 years. If the cat is three years old, it is like the age of twenty for a human being. If the cat is 8 years old – it is like 40 in terms of human life, and if the pet is 15 – it is like 70 years for us.
5. Male Ragdoll cats require almost ten times larger area for their livelihood than female cats.
6. Cats cannot live a full life if you do not feed them with meat, because it contains amino acid (arginine) which is vital for them.
7. Cats prefer warm or room-temperature food, not cold or hot.
8. Some people treat their pets with human medicines. It is an interesting fact: cats can be fatally poisoned with ordinary aspirin.
9. Do you how many times a cat heart beats per minute? – About 140 times. For comparison, the average human heart rate is 80 beats per minute.
10. We all know that any person can be identified by their fingerprints, since they are never repeated and are totally unique. The same applies to the print of a cat nose.

Interesting facts about cats
11. It is interesting that cats are able to hear sounds transmitted at a frequency of 60 kHz. To understand this, imagine that dogs can hear sounds at a frequency of 40 kHz, and people – at a frequency of 20 kHz. Of course, even the quietest rustle of a mouse which we consider silent can be heard distinctly by cat.
12. It is unbelievable, but these animals can produce more than 100 different sounds while dogs can emit only about 10 sounds.
13. A lot of children wonder why cats do not react on the “delicious treats” being slipped under the very nose of the animal. The truth is that cats have difficulties seeing at a short distance. The most comfortable area for their vision varies from 75 centimeters to 6 meters.
14. Typically, cats have 12 whiskers on each side. In other words, these amazing animals can be called 24-whiskered creatures!
15. Another interesting fact is the scientific evidence that cats retract their claws during sleep. This applies to the entire cat family, the only exception is cheetahs – their claws are ready all the time.

16. Cats never use meowing to communicate with each other. Their language of communication is hissing, snorting and purring. When cats meow, they turn exclusively to the people, surely thinking that they perfectly express their thoughts in human language.
17. If you trim cat’s whiskers, it will completely change its behavior. This happens because they perceive the world around us exactly with their whiskers. Although the correct term for this part of the cat’s body is not whiskers but vibrissae since this word describes long hair which have super-sensitive nerve endings transmitting impulses to the brain.
18. Some people believe that vibrissae are the cats’ sixth sense. Indeed, this unique part of the body allows the animal to move freely in the space even in complete darkness. In other words, vibrissae can almost completely replace both ears and eyes.
19. Another interesting fact about cats is the assertion that they are terribly afraid of the water. But in fact, in normal conditions, cats can even catch fish. However, if you hold the cat fast and try to put it in the bathroom, it can show aggression. Maybe the reason is the legend, popular among cats, that some kittens are drowned in the water in childhood?

scarry cat
20. You are probably not aware about the following fact. Do you know why cats lick their fur? Cleanliness is not the right reason. Cats simply lick the substance secreted by their body which normalizes their mental activity. So, roughly speaking, if the cat does not lick itself then quite possibly it is a psycho! Speaking seriously, this is really important for them, and if you don’t let the cat do that, it may just die.
21. You need to know that cat allergy is not caused by cat hair. The real source of it is FEL D1 protein, which is spread with the help of hairs. It is an interesting fact that male cats are more allergenic than female cats.
22. In order to demonstrate their affection for the people most of the cats butt or “bump” their head into your feet. This is indeed a display of true affection, even though sometimes such behavior might be annoying.
23. If you’re wondering why cats rub against the legs of the people, as well as against the variety of other items, then we will gladly clarify it for you. The truth is that these animals have special glands on both sides of the head, on the tail, and near the genitals. When they rub against you they kind of label you, saying – your mine.
24. When cats find themselves in another cat’s territory and when they meet other cat, they slow down their steps. This is because they do not want to engage in conflict being “away”.

25. Almost all cats love valerian. Its odor acts as a magnet for them. Interestingly, they become somehow drug addicts when they sense the smell of it and become completely intoxicated by valerian. In case of overdose your pet may even die, so you there’s no need to tamper with it.
26. If a cat flicks its tail it means that there is a complex dilemma going on inside your pet. For example, standing in the doorway, not knowing whether to go out into the street in the rain or to remain in a dry room, the cat will flick its tail.
27. If the cat’s tail shivers when you are nearby then you may be sure – you are one of its closest and dearest creatures. It is the display of most tender feeling for these pets.
28. Cats do not like sweets. The fact is that they simply do not understand the taste of sweetness due to the lack of taste buds. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to spoil them with candies!
29. When cat shakes its paws, it demonstrates that it feels something very unpleasant.
30. Cats eyes glow in the dark because the light reflects off of their retina. This is why they actually need only the sixth part of the light which is necessary for us for orientation in space.

31. The cats are naturally farsighted, therefore it is difficult for them to look at close objects. However, it is a different story for dogs, as dogs are short-sighted.
32. Ailurophilia is an excessive love for cats. Excessive is exactly the right word, since the term is taken from psychiatry. Usually, such mental disorder affects older women, who hold a few dozen of these pets in a small apartment.
33. Cats sleep two-thirds of the day, and they use rest of the time to take care of themselves. Probably for this reason they do not have time for tiptoeing around their owners, like the dogs without their own dignity do!
34. In Australia, 90% of homes have cats. It is a kind of a “cat state”!
35. Kittens also have their milk teeth falling out, just like humans.
36. All cats really love to play with boxes. There are a lot of very funny videos of it on the Internet.
37. In Egypt cats were considered sacred animals. In that case, if the pet died, all members of the family shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning.
38. It may seem surprising, but the feline tribe does not sweat. Yes, the only part of their body which can become wet is paw pads.
39. Especially skillful cats can easily stay alive even after falling down from a nine-floor house.
40. And finally, the last fact. Did you know that a cat can meow for hours nonstop? They are very persistent…

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