How Can Cats See Color

How Can Cats See Color

For the longest time, many people wondered can cats see color, and for quite some time, we assumed that cats can only…

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The oldest cat of the planet died at the age of 32 in Britain

The world’s oldest cat named Nutmeg in Britain. He was 32 years old (that’s 144 in cat years). The long-liver had breathing problems, and death came as a result of heart failure. The owners of the cat, Liz and Ian Finlay, found him in their…

Penguins species, habitat and facts about the Emperor (Aptenodytes forsteri)

Penguins are amphibian, flightless birds that are highly adapted to life in the water. Their apparent tuxedo-like appearance is called countershading, a form of camouflage that helps keep them safe in the water. Penguins do have wing-bones, though they are flipper-like and exceptionally suited to…

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You will learn about fearful vermin, inhabiting both land and ocean, about different snake species and bloodthirsty insects. You will meet a dangerous reptile bushmasters, enormous black tarantula, poisonous stingray, sharp-toothed caymans and other dangerous species. You will disclose new facts about such famous animals as tigers, lions, panthers, white bears, elephants, hippos and many more. You will also learn how to behave in order not to become a “kill” of sharp teeth and heavy paws or turn into a “victim” of poisonous bites.

Nature and wildlife keep surprising us every single day and if you take a look back in the past, you can discover some of the animal species which have long time extinguished, however their incredible history makes archaeologists search for their leftovers day by day, as they still remain an integral part of our planet. There is a rich collection of images, animal descriptions, useful information and simply entertaining stories from different angles of our world on "Zoo Earth". As soon as you open the door a crack into the animal world, you will find yourself in absolutely amazing atmosphere, where new discoveries and unusual events are waiting for you on every step.

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